Thursday, December 22, 2011

Project follow up - I finished it!

Remember when I gave a new project alert? Well, I finished it - like along time ago, I am just now getting around to posting! My friend whom I so lovingly call "Derf" asked me to make her a big gray bag with a giant pink flower on it.

Ask, my friends, and you shall receive.

I didn't take any pictures, so again, this is a cell phone pic from Derf.
I even lined the inside to make it look all fancy and stuff:

Looks like a diaper from this angle, no? Side pockets for cards and phones too...
I used what I remember of making this style of bag from 7th grade Home Ec class. I could not for the life of me remember how to magically sew the top seams and turn it inside out to have them looking all snazzy, so I improvised and just tucked them under and sewed. Not a big deal.

And once Derf gets tired of carrying this stylish little bag around, she can repurpose it:

It's CAT approved. I should get an award for that.
I hope to get this in my hopefully soon-to-be Etsy shop so cat lovers all over the world can buy one of these bags. And even if you don't like or have a cat, you can still buy one - they make a great bag!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

While everyone is just pinning...

I'm doing. I'm not loading my boards with projects I won't ever do. I am leaving those things for the recipe board. A few days ago I pinned this cute little ornament project and here are how my versions turned out. I picked up the knitting needles from the Salvation Army (I know, duh) for $1.00 and used ornaments that my mom had and ornaments we had.

Here is the one I made for my parents house:
The lighting in my parents house is obviously better. 

 And here is the one I made for our house:

A little crooked I know. I don't want to talk about
the shattered ornaments or the fact that you can see
me in the balls here...I like the other one better but used
what I had. Call me practical if you will. 
I don't think these turned out too bad. I know if I had a better camera they would look better. This project was really pretty simple and I like how you can use things you already have (minus the knitting needles - mine are currently wrapped up in a scarf project since about 18 months ago).

My next Pinterest project will be this:
I plan to tackle the projects I pin to Pinterest. If you haven't noticed, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the red button at the top of the page!

What Pinterest projects are you doing? Are you doing projects or just pinning?

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Opinion Monday: Voicemails and those that hang up AFTER the beep

I can’t be the only person that hates voicemails. There has got to be someone else out there that dislikes calling their voicemail box, entering their passcode (which 9 times out of 10 I’m told is wrong by the idiot lady recording – and by the way lady, it hasn’t changed in about 10 YEARS!), then listening to the callback number in the robotic tone, then the date and time of the call…and then….nothing. The dipshit hung-up. What the?? I just spent about 3 minutes going through the process to actually get to the voicemail only to hear that I’ve been hung up on. Good thing for caller ID (on cell phones, my office phone not so much) so I can be sure to not call that person back in a timely fashion.
For some reason, people still leave voicemails on my cell phone. I have a confession – I delete them before listening to them and I have no idea what you’ve said before I call you back. I just deleted 6 from a few months ago the other day on my way to Chicago because my cell phone was reminding me every 2 minutes of the 6 hour drive that I had messages (my phone is junk, it should have gone into the “reject” pile but somehow made it through US Cellular’s “rigorous testing” phase – that’s what they told me anyways). I always use to say that if something is important, someone will leave a message. Now I’m the mindset that if it’s important, they’ll send me a text message because they know I’m not going to listen to the voicemail, nor will I likely return the call. I’m immediately annoyed when someone leaves me a voicemail (am I really my mother’s daughter?? Sorry mom…) I think the voicemail lady now goes into a tirade saying, “If you don’t intend on leaving a message, hang up now.” I feel that’s a bit obvious and is similar to putting the warning label on the hair dryer noting you shouldn’t use that product in the shower. Duh.
We all know how cell phones work these days. I remember a time when my mom thought voicemail was the same as an answering machine. “Hi Trac, it’s your mom….pick up if you’re there….okay you must not be there….call me back when you get this…love you.” No worries, she has it figured out now.
My work phone is a little different. I am keeper of the general mailbox as well as my own. When someone (or an automated caller) listens to our recording and doesn’t select an extension, they’re dropped into a general mailbox and I get to check those messages. So many times I have gone through the process of entering my password, listening to the lady tell me I have voicemails, only to hear, “...(silence)…..(click).” What? Why? Who doesn’t know that if you’re not going to leave a message you hang up BEFORE the beep, not after!! Nowhere in any of my greetings have I ever said, “You’ve reached my voicemail, please hang on until the beep and then wait a few minutes to hang up. Thanks!”
I just don’t get it. If I get someone’s voicemail greeting, I hang up. Honestly, I probably hang up a few rings before their voicemail. If someone is going to answer your call, it’s going to be in the first few rings; not that many people don’t always have their phones with them. Although – in my defense – I misplace mine quite a bit. The other times I’m just usually in the craft room – the house dead zone for service considering the concrete walls and ceiling and all. And then there are times that I do have my phone, see the caller and silence. You’ve all done it too…(right? Haven’t you? Or am I admitting in this post I’m a cruel person?)
I would disable my voicemail all together, but I know how much my mom loves to hear my voice so I don’t. (Yes I could answer her every call, but she doesn't call me much - she's suppose to call me whenever she wants to talk...she's getting better at it). Even though I’m not only the narrator on my parents answering machine, I’m the only messages saved to the tape. Whoop whoop, go me! But she did just ask for a new house phone for Christmas…guess this means I’ll have to call and leave a few messages for her.
In conclusion, if you have my phone number and need to reach me and I don't answer your call, send me a text message. I'm either forgetting that my phone isn't where I thought it was or have crafted myself into a corner in my concrete cell office. If you must leave a voicemail, be warned that it will not be listened to fully unless you make the first 2 seconds amazing. And it shouldn't be time sensitive, I won't get around to it until a few weeks later either.
And for all you idiots that insist on hanging up AFTER the beep, go (beep) yourself. And have a nice day!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Custom orders - finally finished!

A few weeks ago (okay...4 weeks ago) I was at my very first holiday show. I had some large orders and delivered the final products yesterday! I know that it took me a little while to finish - I was hoping to have them done within 3 weeks - but after being at another party and having one of my own (and someone closing the craft room for a few days because I spend all my time there), I just couldn't find the time to get everything done earlier. I can honestly say my first party was a huge success and I wasn't expecting to have that many orders at all. Lesson 1 - always be prepared. I wasn't. Now I hope I am.

Please excuse the horrible photography quality...I MUST get something better in place for this...

Here are the orders I completed for Linda:
The ribbing effect with flowers was a pretty popular choice....

I'm going to make these in different colors for display, love how they turned out.

Colette's order:
The H stands for h-awesome...or their last name. whichever.

Ribbing with flowers. 

Squares - the other pillow behind is my outdoor pillows that I recovered. 

And all together now. This is on my gray couch - they looked great on her patterned chairs!
And at another party, I had an order from Josie for a wreath:
Very classic Christmas.
 I wasn't sure about the color combo at first, but I reall like how this turned out.
Looks great next to the fireplace too. 
I'm working on personalizing some owls to be more sports-like (which is only for family, I'm not really into the whole displaying sports stuff everyone in your house type of decoration - but for family and special requests - I will do it) and am working on some other designs for small handbags and more pillow designs. I'll be doing a cupcake for a Christmas gift and a girls stocking...oh wow, I have lots to do!

Let's just hope I don't see this sign again anytime soon:

I pretty much spent 3 full weeks in the craft room.
This is what I encountered after my first party.
Apparently someone wants to spend time with me. psh. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Opinion Monday - too much info peeps

Hey there all my Facebook mom's and dad's - this is a shout-out to you all.

Can I just say there is nothing more gag-inducing than you talking about your "lil man" or "princess" pooping on the potty for the first, second, third....etc time? We all know that everyone poops, hell, there's a book for kids with that same title, but what we don't need to know is when they do it. I'm seriously going to contact Mark Zuckerburg and ask him to create and "Mombook" or "Dadbook" where all you can post that crap (bah, no pun intended) for all the other mom's and dad's that give a shit (ha, again) about your kids bowel movements.

I don't post when I get my period, change my tampon (see - that's gross isn't it? makes you cringe a little bit huh??) or take a crap because frankly, it's gross and WAY TO MUCH information for Facebook. It was enough to have to see pictures of you (or your wife, if you're a guy reading this) with your/her legs all up in the air while giving birth to said child, reading the inevitable countdown to when baby is coming and then reading the countup on how old said baby is now (did you not know that was going to happen by the way??), but now I have to read about their friggin pooping.

Just stop. Please. I don't want to read that and chances are the other friends who aren't parents don't either.

Think back before the time of Facebook - I know it's hard but it really was just like 6 years ago. How do you think parents communicated with other friends or their parents that their kid finally pooped in the potty?? I'm guessing the telephone.  I have realized that your kid not pooping in their pants anymore is big news, so if you could all just do us who don't want to hear about pooping a favor and pick up the phone and share the news, that would be much appreciated. It's just not something I need or want to know.

I know I'm not a mom so I probably don't understand, but I'll leave you with words of  the great Frank Giles: "TMI people, TMI."

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Opinion Monday - baby showers must provide booze.

Several of our friends are insisting on having babies. Yeah, they got married this summer and decided to kick the 'ol pill and make some babies. I am happy for them and was part of the planning committee for a double shower this past weekend. One is due at the beginning of February, the other at the end (and one of the other planners is due in June now - babies galore I tell you!)

Instead of having the traditional shower where it's only ladies (because that's how it SHOULD be, this couple showers crap annoys man wants to sit through all of us ladies oohing and ahhhing over diapers and pacifiers - truth be told I don't want to either) we decided to throw in our annual Ugly Sweater Party, rent out the VFW and get a keg! The mommies-to-be were totally supportive of the idea (thanks so  much girls!) and it was a huge success - at least in the keg department...we drained it well before we thought we would. I'm going to blame it on the couple games we played. 

The first game was two people, full beer in one hand, while using the other hand to diaper, dress and place a stuffed doll comfortably onto a chair. When the baby was seated comfortably, you had to chug your beer. Tyler and I did pretty well....until the chugging. Kid is not a chugger or shot taker - so I finished mine and half of his. We lost. Darn.

Second game was for the guys. Picture flippy cup table with baby bottles and grown men chugging beer from said bottles - through nipples might I add. (see pictures below) One of the fathers-to-be was the last in line and literally squeezed the bottle as if it were a beer can. Nice work, you're ready for this. 

The third game was a good old fashioned game of flippy cup. Several rounds and we were all toast. Good job us. 

And like  I said, we were all in our ugly sweater garb. Doesn't get much better than that folks. 

So the next time you're suckered into asked to throw a baby shower - try it at a local VFW in ugly sweaters while the guys chug from baby bottles. I don't have any pictures of the festivities (besides everyone in front of the picture backdrop - we get fancy) because I was having too much fun. And my camera sucks, so you wouldn't want to see them anyways. 

Yes, that converted fridge to gun cabinet does have a sign that reads "Ready  to Fire"
UPDATE: Someone had my camera, there are pictures!
Nebraska fan in a Hawkeye hat...not happy about it. 

Betty from the VFW liked Tyler's stache I think

Iowa State fan in a Hawkeye hat

Still not happy about it

Just sipping from the bottle, nbd.

Get it!

Really bad chugger here.

Almost like Baywatch. almost.

Merry Christmas!

THE Jefferson Trifecta wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Frame - Christmas version

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So you remember when I bought a frame and decided it was the "Holiday Frame" and I'd switch it out to whatever holiday it was so I didn't have stuff everywhere? Well, it's that time of the year again. Let me show you the Christmas version of the frame:

Probably should be asking for a new camera for Christmas since I'm posting all these horrible cell phone pictures huh...
 Maybe this is a better angle:

Maybe not.
Sometimes pictures just don't showcase how great my things are. This picture does showcase the fact that the gold balls look like balls. I will never look at it from that angle again. bah.

But you get the gest - this is the Christmas version of my holiday frame. It looks better in person, I promise.

Somebody else wanted in the picture too:

This pictures sreams "BUY A NEW CAMERA YOU FLIPPIN IDIOT!" don'tcha think?
I would take a gift card (I know I said I hated them) to a store that I could purchase said camera from. It's kind of a personal preference type thing - which is probably why it gets taken off my Christmas list each year. My mom has been trying to get me one for about 4 years now. I used one Tyler's mom got him until that went nuts...and now I'm using Val's since she bought herself a new one after we thought she lost her other one - turns out it was just stuck between the wall and bed in my guest room after a drunken bday weekend...or was that a wedding? no clue. Either way, I think new camera is on the top of my list this year!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Open House - table 1

I had a very successful first holiday open house presentation a few weeks ago. Thank you to everyone that came out and those that purchased some items. I'm still in the midst of getting everything completed (silly felt supplier being out of the 2 most popular colors!) and am on my way to another open house soon, and then another....anyone else want to add another?

Ain't no thang...ain't no thang. 
(and yes, I know the picture is a little bit for the space - I wanted you to be able to see it all since 
this was a horrible picture from my failed cell phone camera!)

I only took one picture (so glad I didn't decide photography was the path to take...oh your wedding was gorgeous, here's the 2 pictures I captured - on my cell phone no less - of the cake and groomsmen!) Here is what my spread looked like at the first party I was at:

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Opinion Monday – on Black Friday shoppers….

You’re all crazy. Seriously, a riot over $2 waffle makers? That is just nuts. I’m pretty sure you can get an all-you-can eat waffle buffet for $2 somewhere…

Black Friday shopping has never appealed to me. My mom use to be a total diehard Black Friday shopper, I never went with her at the ungodly hours though – I had some serious sleep to catch up on. I have a couple aunts and cousins that make a plan and get all nutty about it at Thanksgiving dinner. I prefer to have some adult beverages and work my way out of a food coma. Black Friday shopping seems like work – and hello people – I was off for a 4 day weekend!

I actually tried to hit up Kohl’s at about 11AM for a black t-shirt (I’d forgotten mine and was thinking that would be a great outfit to wear for Ty’s side Christmas – which turned into a disaster of an outfit (after I got some at Kmart on Saturday) and I ended up wearing the same thing I wore to my side…) As I was walking toward the checkout, I realized that the line wrapped all the way to the back of the store. I did what I’ve never really done before (expect that one time at Wal-Mart when all the idiots were out in full force), I put my stuff back on the rack and walked out. No amount of discount would justify me standing in a line with a bunch of crazies that have been shopping for 12 hours already and were most likely on the verge of using pepper spray too.

I love shopping just like the rest of you (I have credit card statements to prove this), but shopping on Black Friday is just dumb and I think you're all insane. I hate Wal-Mart on any normal day, no way am I going to get trampled for something I can buy later. 

To make my point, I will include some pictures:
I wonder if she's using this picture on her holiday card?? (source)

If this is your Grandma, you should be ashamed of yourself for requesting such stupid gifts. (source)

I guarantee the lady in the M&M's jacket hasn't ran this fast in years. (source)

This is child abuse. DHS should take these kids away; they should be sleeping. (source)

The lady behind this guy has a box of photo coasters. PHOTO COASTERS? REALLY!?! I got a nice set of those at Goodwill for $4 and I didn't have to wait in a long line to purchase. And I just got 2 from a wedding reception. If you're going to go, at least get something awesome lady! Black Friday Fail. 

You should all just stop before you become the crazy Target lady...and not the funny SNL one.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Opinion Monday - on me not blogging on Monday!

I'm so annoyed with myself right now. I started this catchy little "My Opinion Monday" thing and then what do I do for the past 4 weeks? Yeah, not blog on Monday. After taking 3 steady weeks to get some products built up for a show, I just didn't have the time at the end of the night to sit down and complain about anything. Last night was the same. Make 48 cupcakes for a co-worker for her grandkiddies for Thanksgiving and finished up some orders from last weeks open house. By the time I got that all done and the kitchen cleaned up - and then watched 2 Broke Girls it was time for bed! I've been battling a cold/sinus infection/whatever the fuck it is for the past week now. When I stop moving at the end of the day, I'm exhausted and normally go to bed with a headache. I told myself I was going to the doctor today, but I didn't. And no, I haven't had the flu shot. I never get one which may explain why I'm sick all the time? and I'm not pregnant - everyone else is doing that, I don't follow the trends - okay okay, except leggings and skinny jeans I guess.

So from here on out, I vow to keep up my bitching on Monday so you all have something to read instead of looking at my pretty pictures. We all know you're here for the stories, not the pictures (just like Playboy huh boys?)

For those of you that are here for the pictures, here's one of me after way too many hours of crafting last week:
This will someday be in one of those "celebs without makeup" albums I'm sure.

I will be back on Monday with some hilarious gripe about something - it's my mission to find that between now and then!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you to all of you that read this, those that support my crafting venture and those who follow me - in the blogging world (if you're following me otherwise, stop.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Opinion Monday - although not really

Yeah, sorry for the disruption in my blogging. I wish I could blame it on unpaid bills, but this site is free and I only have my craft room to blame for me being MIA. You may remember me talking about displaying some items at a holiday open house coming up. Well, that's in like, 2 days. I've spent much of my free time in my craft room - thanks to the landlord for getting me a heater as an early bday present...just too bad I didn't get anything on the actual bday. Instead of boring you with lots of words, I'll just include some pictures...

Exhibit 1: owls
Notice the Hawkeye, Cyclones and Bears colors...this is at "team colors" as I'm going to get peeps. 

Exhibit 2: wine bottle holders - so that cheap bottle of wine you're planning on regifting looks better.
Drinking in moderation is fine. Don't go calling "Intervention" on me. 

Exhibit 3: Christmas stockings - because Santa isn't going to just put those gifts on floor with the rest of them.

Exhibit 4: messiest craft room ever!

And I've taken over the living room too...

Thank god my pillows have been hanging out since January. One less thing to worry about.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I'm hopeful that the show on Thursday will go fantastically. If no one likes my stuff, well, ...I hope my family likes it because that's what they'll be getting for Christmas if no one else wants it!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is anyone else obsessed with owls?

I am. My Grandpa Still apparently liked owls and so now anytime I see something with an owl, I'm reminded of him.

My Grandma Giles, that lived in Arizona, had a box turtle in her backyard she named "Box" when I was younger - I started collecting turtles the year she died and have quite the collection. They're mostly at my parents house, but it's a nice reminder that when I go home, I see those turtles and can be reminded of her too.

My grandma Still must have mentioned that Grandpa liked owls to me a few years back and from then on, I've been seeing them everywhere. I got her an owl cookie jar for her Easter, got myself some matching salt and pepper shakers and have a few owl pieces of jewelry. When I recently made my holiday frame, I thought it needed a cute little felt owl to go with it. I searched Etsy for something but ultimately thought, "I can make something." So I did. And this is that I made:

I actually gave this one to my Gma for her 80th bday last weekend though....
 I decided I'm going to make these for the holiday open house I'm showing my stuff at. Last night I sat down with an assembly line of owls. I only managed to get 4 all the way done - these little things take some time since I'm hand stitching everything. Here are a few that I'll have with me:

Please tell me these are cute.

If anyone is interested in getting one for themselves or anyone on their Christmas list, just send me a message: They're $12 a piece and you can customize them to be any color you wish - with or without the heart.

Seriously, don't you think those on your list would like this better than a silly giftcard to a store they don't even like?? (Giftcards drive me nuts, unless they're from my mom - Jimmy Johns, Panera, Casey's mom - otherwise they just feel super impersonal. Nothing says "I waited til the last minute and have no idea what you like" quite like a giftcard! - I'll stop - this is a Monday post for sure).

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Opinion Monday - breaking and entering, to paint?

Yes, you read that right. I'm going to be breaking and entering an undiscolsed location this evening to paint. I'm not going all grafatti and spray paint or doing any "Occupy" supporting (which, why is everyone so up in arms about the richest 1%? Perhaps those Occupiers shoud go get a job, work hard and try to accomplish what those 1% have. Perhaps the world would be a better place then. I'm in the 99% because I made poor decisions, pretty sure many others are in the same boat. I have a job so I can work my way out of debt and go on vacations and save for retirement - but this is a story for another day...I clearly have opinions about that).

I'm simply taking a key from a key box, well - my friend is taking the key - from a key box in a place that she almost owns, opening the door and letting me get to work with a roller and a couple brushes.

All in the name of getting shit done.

Orginally suppose to close in July, it's now October and a (the 5th or 6th albeit) closing date has been set for 2 weeks. There is no time, or patience in fact, to reschedule the movers, appliances and drunken happy hours for another time.

So as I type what could possibly be evidence to a misdeamoner and laugh about text messages exchanged last night regarding the lack of a ladder (something about me on her shoulders as the cops busted in to arrest us - we have a ladder now), I'm feeling a little Jessie Spano right now. I'm the scared part, my friend is the excited part.

I've done a lot to statisy my need of painting, crafting and decorating  - skipped meals, overspent, lost sleep - I've never snuck around (and possibly broken laws, unless you count speeding to the craft store to get there before closing) to do it.

This should be interesting. If I don't update, it's because I'm in the clinker and need you to bail me out.
Oh well, as my newly designed tshirt says, sometimes you just have to "Get Rollin'"

UPDATE: I didn't get a chance to post this prior to painting but I'm happy to report that I am not in jail, we did not get caught and it looks like the only other condo with people home was the one directly below where we were. The place looks better than it did before...and the only tell tell is the blue painters tape around the kitchen cabinets. But boys are the ones that do the maintenance there, highly doubt they'll notice if they do a routine check out of the monthly routine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New project alert!

I got a request to make a "big gray purse with a huge pink flower in the middle" the other night while the Jefferson Trifecta was getting drunk off box wine.  I remembered that I said I'd make this, but couldn't remember what I said I would make for my housewarming party that weekend...funny how your mind remembers certain things. Well, here is what I came up for the "huge pink flower" for the purse: 

Too bad that $46 cell phone battery I had to buy didn't improve the picture quality...ugh. 

I like it. I sent it to Dana and she's super excited to get her purse now. Too bad I'm going on vacation on Friday for 6 days. If I could only take my sewing machine with me!

I'll be displaying some items at a holiday open house in November, I'm pretty sure that this is going to be one of my items. I'm lovin' it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Opinion Monday - Open letter to my Facebook friends

Dear Facebook friends:

This letter comes at a time when Mark Zucherburg has just messed this up royally implemented some new changes to the look of Facebook. I have just one request for you at this time friends. Please stop posting all 1,000 pictures from your honeymoon/vacation/etc. I've always been annoyed by this, however, with the new changes to Facebook, I now see those pictures INDIVIDUALLY in my Photos option rather than in a nice, pretty little album - where I use to have the option to click on the album to view all 1,000 or not. Now, I do not have that choice. I am forced to scroll down through what feels like hundreds of pages to see pictures of people that I actually care about. 

Less is more my friends. I love the photogs that are doing the "sneak peeks" of their sessions. I enjoy this because I only see the best of the best. I don't need to see the "oops, dropped my camera off the bar and took this picture of the black sky" or "oh crap, that is really blurry, let's try this again...and again...and again..." photos. Nor do I need to see the same picture 100 times of the same beach/ocean/scenery/yougetmydrift. 

If I could figure out how to get the damn photos option back to showing me only the albums that were recently updated, I'd be a much happier Facebooker. Until then though, stop posting all your god damn photos. This is not the era of hosting slide show parties to show off your fancy photos  - I didn't RSVP on purpose to your party, Mark apparently did for me and is forcing me to sit through pages and pages of your photos. And seriously, don't the people that you really want to see your picture see them when you're out for dinner, over at their house, etc. Why must you subject all of your 1,500 friends to this? We just want to see your dumb status updates and go on with our day. Or at least that's what I want to do. 

So, please remember the saying "Keep it simple" or "Less is more" or my personal favorite "No one wants to see that, just stop while you're ahead." Happy picture posting!

Best Facebook Friends Forever,

Friday, October 7, 2011

Be honest, which chair would you rather sit in?

Don't lie to me. Would you rather sit in this chair:

 Or this chair:

That's what I thought. You'd rather sit in the chair with the waaayy cooler pillow. I bought some new patio furniture in lieu of rent this month (which means, I guess, he gets to keep it if we break up? I mean, I paid for it, but it was in lieu of writing a check to him for rent minus half the utilities..ah guess we'll cross that bridge if we get there).

The set (a small loveseat, two chairs and table) came with some pretty - yawn - boring pillow covers. I didn't notice until we got it home that it was from the Country Living series. Now, I'm a small town girl and my style is a bit country, but that fabric was plain and boring. I just so happened to have enough outdoor fabric in the damask pattern that I love so much, so I just whipped up 4 new covers in about an hours time.

I like this much better than I did the plain old standard, comes with the package covers.

My motto in life is "don't settle, even if it is just a paint color" - I think that fits here too...just with pillow covers I guess.

Sidenote: the corner tables are from Goodwill. $4.99 a piece, 2 cans of stone spray paint and voila! - side tables! Don't be jealous, there's plenty at Goodwill to go around :)
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