Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Opinion Monday - Open letter to my Facebook friends

Dear Facebook friends:

This letter comes at a time when Mark Zucherburg has just messed this up royally implemented some new changes to the look of Facebook. I have just one request for you at this time friends. Please stop posting all 1,000 pictures from your honeymoon/vacation/etc. I've always been annoyed by this, however, with the new changes to Facebook, I now see those pictures INDIVIDUALLY in my Photos option rather than in a nice, pretty little album - where I use to have the option to click on the album to view all 1,000 or not. Now, I do not have that choice. I am forced to scroll down through what feels like hundreds of pages to see pictures of people that I actually care about. 

Less is more my friends. I love the photogs that are doing the "sneak peeks" of their sessions. I enjoy this because I only see the best of the best. I don't need to see the "oops, dropped my camera off the bar and took this picture of the black sky" or "oh crap, that is really blurry, let's try this again...and again...and again..." photos. Nor do I need to see the same picture 100 times of the same beach/ocean/scenery/yougetmydrift. 

If I could figure out how to get the damn photos option back to showing me only the albums that were recently updated, I'd be a much happier Facebooker. Until then though, stop posting all your god damn photos. This is not the era of hosting slide show parties to show off your fancy photos  - I didn't RSVP on purpose to your party, Mark apparently did for me and is forcing me to sit through pages and pages of your photos. And seriously, don't the people that you really want to see your picture see them when you're out for dinner, over at their house, etc. Why must you subject all of your 1,500 friends to this? We just want to see your dumb status updates and go on with our day. Or at least that's what I want to do. 

So, please remember the saying "Keep it simple" or "Less is more" or my personal favorite "No one wants to see that, just stop while you're ahead." Happy picture posting!

Best Facebook Friends Forever,

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