Thursday, October 6, 2011

We finished something!

Remember when the front of the house looked like this:

Pretty drab, but considering no one lived here for a year, it's not too bad.

Well we Tyler's dad finally did something about this. Ty took out all the bushes and started a landscaping project that only his dad could help finish.  After a couple days of this:
Someone must have known I was going to take a picture...always wanting to show off the "goods"
 and this:
Craig hard at work. He only stopped to sleep. Crazy man.  Much appreciated though.
We now have this:
New front patio, much better than the bushes. Chairs from the side of the road, tables from The Will.

 and this:

Quick tip: buy your plants towards the end of the season, they're much cheaper and these come back each year. Score!

and this:

Now we can sit out front and stare awkwardly at the neighbors house.

Now let's try those side by side shall we?

After. You like?

Not to shabby huh? We'll be adding some planter boxes that we decided we're going to make this winter. We actually took the time to sit on the chairs last night - they're a bit uncomfortable but we got them for free on the curb so I can't really complain. I'm just going to whip up a few cushions for them in my newly finished craft room - which I just need to tidy up a tad then I'll take a few "after" pictures. We all remember the before right?

Things are coming together ready for some more before and after posts!

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