Friday, July 12, 2013

Oops, I did it again!

Pintester Movement style though - not Britney Spears style. I think the last time I donned a slutty Catholic girl outfit was...well, never - so I guess if it were in the case of BS, I'd not be able to say I did it again. The last time I did the challenge I nailed it was this dresser.

But anyways, I'm a sucker for trying to do something better than someone else so with Sonja (yes we're on a first name basis, she emailed me and all - pretty much like an autograph these days right?) over at Pintester challenged us to do a Pin that'd she already fucked up (her words, not mine people), I was so on board. Until I realized the deadline was in between my 2 lavish beach Iowa lake vacations. Damn it. But, lucky for you all, I have today off and thought instead of spending it at the lake, I'd spend it Pintester style - sleeping in late, having some booze for breakfast (whipped vodka and OJ anyone??), and almost catching the house on fire. Someone pat me on the back!

So, I went with the cutting a bottle fire pin. I'm not sure which tutorial she used, but they're all the same and I found the link to the first one I probably ever saw - it's here on YouTube.  Now, go watch her video here.  You may notice some subtle differences, but the concept is the same. So I will go with that.

First up, I need a bottle. Unfortunately, all the bottles of vodka we consumed this past weekend were, well, consumed and then trashed. And the bottles I had in my house went out to the recycling bin. Oh wait, I have a bottle - functioning as a very poor vase right now. I shall use this one.

Flower is looking good if I might say so!
Up next, yarn or cotton string. I have a craft room and then some, I should be able to find something. I found some embroidery string stuff - label says 100% cotton. Deal.
All my ducks in a row! How can this go wrong?

And lastly, acetone. I just so happen to have some in the garage. I thought. Mineral spirits may work - it is highly flammable afterall. Pretty sure as long as the string starts on fire, this will all work.

I decided to do this outside now that I'm using mineral spirits and don't feel like catching the kitchen on fire. I set up a container with some cold water and ice in it and am praying I don't catch the newly stained deck on fire.

I start with wrapping the embroidery floss around probably more times than necessary.

And the I soak that in the Mineral Spirits in a black party cup - from the Dollar Tree I'm pretty sure.
Yep, it's soaked. 
Then I light it on fire. I will admit, this step was terrifying. When I saw that the mineral spirits were dripping down the bottle, I figured this was not going to go well.

And I was right. (This photo is UNedited. Straight out
of the cell phone camera. Terrifying)
And then I did was the Pintester did:

Threw it in the ice bath bucket and said fuck it.
I'll just use it as a vase. 

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