Monday, October 3, 2011

My Opinion Monday - holiday decorating

Holiday decorating makes me cringe slightly. If you've seen anything I've done on here, you pretty much can get that I'm more of a contemporary style. My mom tends to get me little holiday items, which (sorry mom) have mostly ended up in a Rubbermaid container, never to make an appearance. I actually just came across a little pumpkin candle holder she probably got me in was running around in my trunk. Eeh sorry again mom.

But now that I'm living with the bf in a house that he has no idea how to decorate, I decided that I needed just a little bit of holiday/seasonal stuff in here. I wanted to add a little personal touch I guess. Anyways, I came up with this:
Who says you have to put a picture in a picture frame?

I'm calling it the "holiday/seasonal frame." I found the straw wreath at, where else, Goodwill for $1.19. I then cut some felt into diamonds, glued those on and then wrapped some decorative string to mimic an argyle pattern. I hung it on the frame I also picked up at Goodwill for $3.99, then painted. I stepped back and thought, "hmmm, this needs something." And probably only because Tyler goes "is something else going on there?"  So I headed to the craft store, picked up some felt leaves and fake acorns, and tied those onto the same decorative string I used on the wreath. While in the checkout, I spied those little alphabet beads that we use to make bracelets with in about 6th grade. So I picked those up too. And then came up with this:

Yeah, I made this part on Sunday while watching football...that inspired the second sentiment. 
So this is my holiday/seasonal decorating. I'll switch out the wreath, garland, decorations for each holiday or season. I don't quite know exactly what I'll come up with for Christmas, but I have some ideas, which will most likely change between now and then.  I'm sure Tyler will be decorating the outside with something like this:
I'm cringing right now at the thought of the house looking like this on the outside....
I have no words. Other than "so help me God." Anyone else cringing at this???

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