Monday, October 24, 2011

My Opinion Monday - breaking and entering, to paint?

Yes, you read that right. I'm going to be breaking and entering an undiscolsed location this evening to paint. I'm not going all grafatti and spray paint or doing any "Occupy" supporting (which, why is everyone so up in arms about the richest 1%? Perhaps those Occupiers shoud go get a job, work hard and try to accomplish what those 1% have. Perhaps the world would be a better place then. I'm in the 99% because I made poor decisions, pretty sure many others are in the same boat. I have a job so I can work my way out of debt and go on vacations and save for retirement - but this is a story for another day...I clearly have opinions about that).

I'm simply taking a key from a key box, well - my friend is taking the key - from a key box in a place that she almost owns, opening the door and letting me get to work with a roller and a couple brushes.

All in the name of getting shit done.

Orginally suppose to close in July, it's now October and a (the 5th or 6th albeit) closing date has been set for 2 weeks. There is no time, or patience in fact, to reschedule the movers, appliances and drunken happy hours for another time.

So as I type what could possibly be evidence to a misdeamoner and laugh about text messages exchanged last night regarding the lack of a ladder (something about me on her shoulders as the cops busted in to arrest us - we have a ladder now), I'm feeling a little Jessie Spano right now. I'm the scared part, my friend is the excited part.

I've done a lot to statisy my need of painting, crafting and decorating  - skipped meals, overspent, lost sleep - I've never snuck around (and possibly broken laws, unless you count speeding to the craft store to get there before closing) to do it.

This should be interesting. If I don't update, it's because I'm in the clinker and need you to bail me out.
Oh well, as my newly designed tshirt says, sometimes you just have to "Get Rollin'"

UPDATE: I didn't get a chance to post this prior to painting but I'm happy to report that I am not in jail, we did not get caught and it looks like the only other condo with people home was the one directly below where we were. The place looks better than it did before...and the only tell tell is the blue painters tape around the kitchen cabinets. But boys are the ones that do the maintenance there, highly doubt they'll notice if they do a routine check out of the monthly routine.

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