Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is anyone else obsessed with owls?

I am. My Grandpa Still apparently liked owls and so now anytime I see something with an owl, I'm reminded of him.

My Grandma Giles, that lived in Arizona, had a box turtle in her backyard she named "Box" when I was younger - I started collecting turtles the year she died and have quite the collection. They're mostly at my parents house, but it's a nice reminder that when I go home, I see those turtles and can be reminded of her too.

My grandma Still must have mentioned that Grandpa liked owls to me a few years back and from then on, I've been seeing them everywhere. I got her an owl cookie jar for her Easter, got myself some matching salt and pepper shakers and have a few owl pieces of jewelry. When I recently made my holiday frame, I thought it needed a cute little felt owl to go with it. I searched Etsy for something but ultimately thought, "I can make something." So I did. And this is that I made:

I actually gave this one to my Gma for her 80th bday last weekend though....
 I decided I'm going to make these for the holiday open house I'm showing my stuff at. Last night I sat down with an assembly line of owls. I only managed to get 4 all the way done - these little things take some time since I'm hand stitching everything. Here are a few that I'll have with me:

Please tell me these are cute.

If anyone is interested in getting one for themselves or anyone on their Christmas list, just send me a message: They're $12 a piece and you can customize them to be any color you wish - with or without the heart.

Seriously, don't you think those on your list would like this better than a silly giftcard to a store they don't even like?? (Giftcards drive me nuts, unless they're from my mom - Jimmy Johns, Panera, Casey's mom - otherwise they just feel super impersonal. Nothing says "I waited til the last minute and have no idea what you like" quite like a giftcard! - I'll stop - this is a Monday post for sure).

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  1. Did u read pioneer woman's blog? She had a post today on her home n garden section of owl pillows. They were so cute! And so are yours!


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