Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Opinion Monday - although not really

Yeah, sorry for the disruption in my blogging. I wish I could blame it on unpaid bills, but this site is free and I only have my craft room to blame for me being MIA. You may remember me talking about displaying some items at a holiday open house coming up. Well, that's in like, 2 days. I've spent much of my free time in my craft room - thanks to the landlord for getting me a heater as an early bday present...just too bad I didn't get anything on the actual bday. Instead of boring you with lots of words, I'll just include some pictures...

Exhibit 1: owls
Notice the Hawkeye, Cyclones and Bears colors...this is at "team colors" as I'm going to get peeps. 

Exhibit 2: wine bottle holders - so that cheap bottle of wine you're planning on regifting looks better.
Drinking in moderation is fine. Don't go calling "Intervention" on me. 

Exhibit 3: Christmas stockings - because Santa isn't going to just put those gifts on floor with the rest of them.

Exhibit 4: messiest craft room ever!

And I've taken over the living room too...

Thank god my pillows have been hanging out since January. One less thing to worry about.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I'm hopeful that the show on Thursday will go fantastically. If no one likes my stuff, well, ...I hope my family likes it because that's what they'll be getting for Christmas if no one else wants it!

1 comment:

  1. The wine bottle holders are creative! I wish i had a crafty bone in my body!!
    I have a picture I'm gonna bring you on Thursday. A new project that maybe you'll be interested in ;)


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