Monday, November 28, 2011

My Opinion Monday – on Black Friday shoppers….

You’re all crazy. Seriously, a riot over $2 waffle makers? That is just nuts. I’m pretty sure you can get an all-you-can eat waffle buffet for $2 somewhere…

Black Friday shopping has never appealed to me. My mom use to be a total diehard Black Friday shopper, I never went with her at the ungodly hours though – I had some serious sleep to catch up on. I have a couple aunts and cousins that make a plan and get all nutty about it at Thanksgiving dinner. I prefer to have some adult beverages and work my way out of a food coma. Black Friday shopping seems like work – and hello people – I was off for a 4 day weekend!

I actually tried to hit up Kohl’s at about 11AM for a black t-shirt (I’d forgotten mine and was thinking that would be a great outfit to wear for Ty’s side Christmas – which turned into a disaster of an outfit (after I got some at Kmart on Saturday) and I ended up wearing the same thing I wore to my side…) As I was walking toward the checkout, I realized that the line wrapped all the way to the back of the store. I did what I’ve never really done before (expect that one time at Wal-Mart when all the idiots were out in full force), I put my stuff back on the rack and walked out. No amount of discount would justify me standing in a line with a bunch of crazies that have been shopping for 12 hours already and were most likely on the verge of using pepper spray too.

I love shopping just like the rest of you (I have credit card statements to prove this), but shopping on Black Friday is just dumb and I think you're all insane. I hate Wal-Mart on any normal day, no way am I going to get trampled for something I can buy later. 

To make my point, I will include some pictures:
I wonder if she's using this picture on her holiday card?? (source)

If this is your Grandma, you should be ashamed of yourself for requesting such stupid gifts. (source)

I guarantee the lady in the M&M's jacket hasn't ran this fast in years. (source)

This is child abuse. DHS should take these kids away; they should be sleeping. (source)

The lady behind this guy has a box of photo coasters. PHOTO COASTERS? REALLY!?! I got a nice set of those at Goodwill for $4 and I didn't have to wait in a long line to purchase. And I just got 2 from a wedding reception. If you're going to go, at least get something awesome lady! Black Friday Fail. 

You should all just stop before you become the crazy Target lady...and not the funny SNL one.


  1. Oh, Traci. I couldn't have said it better myself! I can't decide if I like the M&M lady or the photo coasters lady the best:) -Sums

  2. I too like to stay away from the crowds, but I'll definitely take advantage of the discounts with online black Friday shopping. I ordered almost all my gifts even my Christmas cards online this year. Thanks amazon and for the deals without the crowds.
    P.S. The target lady and her commercials drive me nuts.


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