Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Open House - table 1

I had a very successful first holiday open house presentation a few weeks ago. Thank you to everyone that came out and those that purchased some items. I'm still in the midst of getting everything completed (silly felt supplier being out of the 2 most popular colors!) and am on my way to another open house soon, and then another....anyone else want to add another?

Ain't no thang...ain't no thang. 
(and yes, I know the picture is a little bit for the space - I wanted you to be able to see it all since 
this was a horrible picture from my failed cell phone camera!)

I only took one picture (so glad I didn't decide photography was the path to take...oh your wedding was gorgeous, here's the 2 pictures I captured - on my cell phone no less - of the cake and groomsmen!) Here is what my spread looked like at the first party I was at:

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