Thursday, December 15, 2011

Custom orders - finally finished!

A few weeks ago (okay...4 weeks ago) I was at my very first holiday show. I had some large orders and delivered the final products yesterday! I know that it took me a little while to finish - I was hoping to have them done within 3 weeks - but after being at another party and having one of my own (and someone closing the craft room for a few days because I spend all my time there), I just couldn't find the time to get everything done earlier. I can honestly say my first party was a huge success and I wasn't expecting to have that many orders at all. Lesson 1 - always be prepared. I wasn't. Now I hope I am.

Please excuse the horrible photography quality...I MUST get something better in place for this...

Here are the orders I completed for Linda:
The ribbing effect with flowers was a pretty popular choice....

I'm going to make these in different colors for display, love how they turned out.

Colette's order:
The H stands for h-awesome...or their last name. whichever.

Ribbing with flowers. 

Squares - the other pillow behind is my outdoor pillows that I recovered. 

And all together now. This is on my gray couch - they looked great on her patterned chairs!
And at another party, I had an order from Josie for a wreath:
Very classic Christmas.
 I wasn't sure about the color combo at first, but I reall like how this turned out.
Looks great next to the fireplace too. 
I'm working on personalizing some owls to be more sports-like (which is only for family, I'm not really into the whole displaying sports stuff everyone in your house type of decoration - but for family and special requests - I will do it) and am working on some other designs for small handbags and more pillow designs. I'll be doing a cupcake for a Christmas gift and a girls stocking...oh wow, I have lots to do!

Let's just hope I don't see this sign again anytime soon:

I pretty much spent 3 full weeks in the craft room.
This is what I encountered after my first party.
Apparently someone wants to spend time with me. psh. 

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