Monday, December 5, 2011

My Opinion Monday - baby showers must provide booze.

Several of our friends are insisting on having babies. Yeah, they got married this summer and decided to kick the 'ol pill and make some babies. I am happy for them and was part of the planning committee for a double shower this past weekend. One is due at the beginning of February, the other at the end (and one of the other planners is due in June now - babies galore I tell you!)

Instead of having the traditional shower where it's only ladies (because that's how it SHOULD be, this couple showers crap annoys man wants to sit through all of us ladies oohing and ahhhing over diapers and pacifiers - truth be told I don't want to either) we decided to throw in our annual Ugly Sweater Party, rent out the VFW and get a keg! The mommies-to-be were totally supportive of the idea (thanks so  much girls!) and it was a huge success - at least in the keg department...we drained it well before we thought we would. I'm going to blame it on the couple games we played. 

The first game was two people, full beer in one hand, while using the other hand to diaper, dress and place a stuffed doll comfortably onto a chair. When the baby was seated comfortably, you had to chug your beer. Tyler and I did pretty well....until the chugging. Kid is not a chugger or shot taker - so I finished mine and half of his. We lost. Darn.

Second game was for the guys. Picture flippy cup table with baby bottles and grown men chugging beer from said bottles - through nipples might I add. (see pictures below) One of the fathers-to-be was the last in line and literally squeezed the bottle as if it were a beer can. Nice work, you're ready for this. 

The third game was a good old fashioned game of flippy cup. Several rounds and we were all toast. Good job us. 

And like  I said, we were all in our ugly sweater garb. Doesn't get much better than that folks. 

So the next time you're suckered into asked to throw a baby shower - try it at a local VFW in ugly sweaters while the guys chug from baby bottles. I don't have any pictures of the festivities (besides everyone in front of the picture backdrop - we get fancy) because I was having too much fun. And my camera sucks, so you wouldn't want to see them anyways. 

Yes, that converted fridge to gun cabinet does have a sign that reads "Ready  to Fire"
UPDATE: Someone had my camera, there are pictures!
Nebraska fan in a Hawkeye hat...not happy about it. 

Betty from the VFW liked Tyler's stache I think

Iowa State fan in a Hawkeye hat

Still not happy about it

Just sipping from the bottle, nbd.

Get it!

Really bad chugger here.

Almost like Baywatch. almost.

Merry Christmas!

THE Jefferson Trifecta wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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