Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Opinion Monday - too much info peeps

Hey there all my Facebook mom's and dad's - this is a shout-out to you all.

Can I just say there is nothing more gag-inducing than you talking about your "lil man" or "princess" pooping on the potty for the first, second, third....etc time? We all know that everyone poops, hell, there's a book for kids with that same title, but what we don't need to know is when they do it. I'm seriously going to contact Mark Zuckerburg and ask him to create and "Mombook" or "Dadbook" where all you can post that crap (bah, no pun intended) for all the other mom's and dad's that give a shit (ha, again) about your kids bowel movements.

I don't post when I get my period, change my tampon (see - that's gross isn't it? makes you cringe a little bit huh??) or take a crap because frankly, it's gross and WAY TO MUCH information for Facebook. It was enough to have to see pictures of you (or your wife, if you're a guy reading this) with your/her legs all up in the air while giving birth to said child, reading the inevitable countdown to when baby is coming and then reading the countup on how old said baby is now (did you not know that was going to happen by the way??), but now I have to read about their friggin pooping.

Just stop. Please. I don't want to read that and chances are the other friends who aren't parents don't either.

Think back before the time of Facebook - I know it's hard but it really was just like 6 years ago. How do you think parents communicated with other friends or their parents that their kid finally pooped in the potty?? I'm guessing the telephone.  I have realized that your kid not pooping in their pants anymore is big news, so if you could all just do us who don't want to hear about pooping a favor and pick up the phone and share the news, that would be much appreciated. It's just not something I need or want to know.

I know I'm not a mom so I probably don't understand, but I'll leave you with words of  the great Frank Giles: "TMI people, TMI."

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  1. Oh Traci wait until you and Tyler have a kid. Remember why we post about our children, because they are the most important thing in our lives. Remember what you post about, your chairs and decorating projects that look like shit in the beginning and are transformed into something awesome. Well that is what we are doing with our projects(kids) they start off as little shits an turn into something awesome so we post about their progress. Same thing in my eyes. Now I am not up in arms about this, I love yours and Val's blogs I justed wanted to give you the parent perspective. Good day!


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