Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Frame - Christmas version

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So you remember when I bought a frame and decided it was the "Holiday Frame" and I'd switch it out to whatever holiday it was so I didn't have stuff everywhere? Well, it's that time of the year again. Let me show you the Christmas version of the frame:

Probably should be asking for a new camera for Christmas since I'm posting all these horrible cell phone pictures huh...
 Maybe this is a better angle:

Maybe not.
Sometimes pictures just don't showcase how great my things are. This picture does showcase the fact that the gold balls look like balls. I will never look at it from that angle again. bah.

But you get the gest - this is the Christmas version of my holiday frame. It looks better in person, I promise.

Somebody else wanted in the picture too:

This pictures sreams "BUY A NEW CAMERA YOU FLIPPIN IDIOT!" don'tcha think?
I would take a gift card (I know I said I hated them) to a store that I could purchase said camera from. It's kind of a personal preference type thing - which is probably why it gets taken off my Christmas list each year. My mom has been trying to get me one for about 4 years now. I used one Tyler's mom got him until that went nuts...and now I'm using Val's since she bought herself a new one after we thought she lost her other one - turns out it was just stuck between the wall and bed in my guest room after a drunken bday weekend...or was that a wedding? no clue. Either way, I think new camera is on the top of my list this year!

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