Wednesday, December 21, 2011

While everyone is just pinning...

I'm doing. I'm not loading my boards with projects I won't ever do. I am leaving those things for the recipe board. A few days ago I pinned this cute little ornament project and here are how my versions turned out. I picked up the knitting needles from the Salvation Army (I know, duh) for $1.00 and used ornaments that my mom had and ornaments we had.

Here is the one I made for my parents house:
The lighting in my parents house is obviously better. 

 And here is the one I made for our house:

A little crooked I know. I don't want to talk about
the shattered ornaments or the fact that you can see
me in the balls here...I like the other one better but used
what I had. Call me practical if you will. 
I don't think these turned out too bad. I know if I had a better camera they would look better. This project was really pretty simple and I like how you can use things you already have (minus the knitting needles - mine are currently wrapped up in a scarf project since about 18 months ago).

My next Pinterest project will be this:
I plan to tackle the projects I pin to Pinterest. If you haven't noticed, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the red button at the top of the page!

What Pinterest projects are you doing? Are you doing projects or just pinning?

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  1. Hey girl...let me know if/when you get around to doing this project. My kids have been asking to mark their height somewhere and this would be perfect!

    Love ya...miss ya!


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