Monday, June 13, 2011

My Opinion Monday - who signed me up for this?

I must admit - I'm not a huge fan of kids under the age of 18. Perhaps it's from being the youngest sibling and the youngest grandchild for a really long time. I didn't babysit when I was younger (well one time I did and never did after because I got paid $10 for like 8 hours and didn't get to leave until 2am) and I just haven't been around babies and kids much. I can count on both hands the kids that I do like though - nieces and nephews, close friends kids, a couple younger cousins to name a few.  I'm coming around, but I'm no where near ready to have kids of my own...I just started holding babies 2 years ago - I use to have dreams about dropping them.....

Which is why I can NOT for the life of me figure out how I keep getting these mailing lists:

Coupons for diapers and options for my child's college fund??!? What list did I get on and how in the world did I get there? I am so very confused by these and I get them quite frequently. It's not like I accidentally got them once, oh no, I get them several times a  month! Anyone use Huggies and need coupons?  Or maybe you're not getting the announcement about a kids college savings plan, need that? Let me know and I'll dig these out of the recycle bin - or just save the next set I get :)

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