Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to my roots...and you can put this on your roots!

Well, I finally made it back to what makes me tgdesigns - felt, buttons, hot glue, mason jars, embroidery thread. Oh and a best friend from childhood visiting me (first friend to visit me in Des Moines in the 9, going on 10 years I've lived here...better be seeing some more familiar faces soon!) and I promised her a handmade bday gift. She's way younger than me, just turned 27 while I'm fixing to turn 28 (in 6 months I know, crap I missed my half birthday...again!). She told me she was into zebra print these days. I should have known this since I helped her find a super cute zebra print rug on Overstock one day after a desperate facebook status update! She likes headbands I found out as well so I decided to put the two things she loves into one...

and came up with this:

Zebra headband, tucked in my jar of embroidery threads atop one of my finished chair projects :)
SHE LOVED IT! She even wore it out to dinner and drinks with some of my friends, who noticed and loved it too! I plan to add these to my list of things to go on my Etsy site, which will hopefully happen in the next few months. Sidenote: lots of stuff going on right now, I'm going to be tackling a LARGE project shortly, just waiting for everything to be finalized before I throw it on my blog :) 

It was so nice to have Tiff here this weekend, we've been friends since she moved to town in 1st grade. Our phone numbers growing up were 455-3105 and hers was 455-3150. Her mom and my mom are best friends. Her moms name is Traci and her moms brothers name is Todd. Yeah my brothers name is Todd too. My brother Todd dated her sister for while in Jr. High and her sister also took family photos about a year ago. Our families go way back and it's so nice to have a best friend from long ago, which makes me feel old saying. 

In honor of Tiff's visit, a small gallery of Traci and Tiff pictures :)

Circa 2007 - girls weekend in Chicago

2009 - Christmas time at home 

2010 - night out with Traci, Tiff and Tyler...and some boys that will remain nameless, mostly because I can't remember their names!

2008 - at Gem City, most likely for Christmas or Easter

She has the pictures on her camera of us from the weekend - I'll have to post the "current" pic of us soon, I hope :) hint hint Tiff :) 

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  1. I feel like a celebrity!! :)
    AND it was the BEST weekend! I wore my headband the other day in Quincy and it was a hit here too! I'll be ready to buy some off of that etsy sight soon!


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