Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to tgdesigns!

Hey all, it's your favorite crafter/designer/baker - Traci Giles. I started tgdesigns on my way home from my parents house after the Christmas holiday. I've always had a knack for designing and crafting...and power tools! I have described myself as a mix between Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker and Ty Pennington - although with less tools and gadgets but with as much enthusiasm they have for their craft. My projects range from refinishing kitchen cabinets to repainting and designing a room to making a cupcake display and cupcakes (along with my trusty Sous Chef and roomie) for special events. I can be described as a "Jill" of all trades - anyone who tries to my my Jack will most likely just get jacked, I'm a bit of a control freak until said projects are done.

I'll be working on posting some before-and-after pictures soon of some projects I've done and some I'm currently working on. I hope this blog inspires you - inspires you to: take ordinary (mostly Goodwill) pieces and make them your own, dust off that old sewing machine and make something, or simply make cupcakes for the office birthday party instead of swinging by the gas station for donuts on your way in. And if you just can't get inspired, message me and I'll take the creative reigns and create a piece that's as unique as you!

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  1. I especially enjoy the bolts of fabric in your background. Very nice.


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