Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'd normally take Saturday off...

But this Saturday is not a normal Saturday for me. Those consist of waking up too early, generally with a hangover, followed by an uber productive day with the roomie. We find yard work in 90 degree temps to be the best cure for a hangover - or shopping, either one, really, works. But today I was rudely woken up by my special dog Trigger. He's been living at my parents for a little over 3 years now and loves when his momma comes back to visist. I buy him treats, a bag of dog food, and scratch his belly whenever he wants. Who says I know nothing about parenting?! Pah-lease peeps, I know all. Anyways, he woke me up this morning by most likely taking a running start from my parents bed and slamming himself into the bedroom door as hard as possible - I imagine he was thinking the door would not be closed all the way. After that failed, he threw his 35lb self (see pic below) into an upright position and began scratching the door. At 6AM. On a Saturday. I sat straight up in bed and yelled "Oh my God!" In my defense, I was having some odd dreams, nothing too out of the ordinary for me, but being interrupted in this manner, well, it scared the hell out of me! Tyler politely asked me to check my heart rate to ensure I wasn't having a heart attack and was back to sleep in about .2 seconds. So here I am, 6:48AM, Saturday morning at my parent's house with about 10 channels to flip through.

I'm hoping for good weather today so we can do some landscaping. After 15 years of living in this house, it's time my parents do something with the front porch area. We'll hopefully see to it that that is accomplished this weekend. We also gave my dad a framing nailer last night as a belated  birthday gift - I see a framing lesson in my very near future. Be afraid landlord, be very afraid!

Me and Trigger. The fatter he gets, the thinner I look - I'm okay with this.

Well, I'm off to make some homemade cinnamon rolls just like my Grandma Giles use to make - ya, I'm pretty much awesome :)

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  1. Love your blog already Trac!!! Excited to keep reading more!


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