Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stage 1 Hoarder

I like projects and I like Goodwill. And in a previous post I talked about the Goodwill OUTLET store, which is apparently where all the rejected stuff goes to be picked up by the cart full and paid for by the pound by people I would refer to as Stage 5 hoarders. I wish I could have taken a picture of their carts - a hodge-podge of all kinds of items from a random jar, to a wicker wreath, to a lady (with an overflowing cart) asking her husband if the GIANT stuffed lizard is cute - and these two were in their 50's, maybe 60's. Perhaps they were picking it up for the grandkids, but a word to the wise - Goodwill OUTLET is NOT the place to pick up STUFFED toys for the grandkids. I should have taken a picture of my wet wipe after cleaning my hands. D.I.R.T.Y.

Anyways, so after 5 Goodwills and several trips to one, I picked up 4 chairs to redo. As I was moving stuff around in the garage, I realized I had a headboard I'd picked up off Craigslist last summer (or was that the summer before?? hmmm...) that I'd repainted and was going to use. Well, in true hoarder fashion, it still sits in the back of the garage. I no longer have the twin size bed (yeah, 27 and finally got a big girl bed - my comforter set on the other hand, fit for a 3 year old) so I have no practical use for it. Yep, classic sign of  a Stage 1 hoarder.

Here are the two of the four chairs I picked up - in no particular order of ugliness:

I've already started work on these chairs as you can see - and if you look in the background of of the rocking chair picture, you'll see the 3rd chair - another little rocker (the other black chair is not mine - that belongs to Val, who is not refinishing it but rather just storing it in the garage). I already took the seat off of that one too; I got a little anxious and forgot to take before pictures! So much to remember when blogging.

I'll post pictures of the other chairs as soon as I remember to do that! Until then, happy hoarding!


  1. How did these chairs turn out? I'm particularly curious about the one on the left...

  2. um yeah, that is not even in the beginning stages of being done. I should make some progress on it this week though! Have to pick out some fabric and figure out how to upholster a chair first :) The small rocking chair is coming along nicely though...the one above, still a work-in-progress too! may be a little bit in over my head right now with projects...


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