Thursday, April 28, 2011

Remember when I said I had a couple more projects...

Well, it's actually 3 more projects - completely forgot about the shelves I picked up at Goodwill too! Here are the rest of my Goodwill purchases - well furniture anyways, I am wearing a dress (one of 5) I picked up there as well. You can't beat a $5 dress folks!

Pottery Barn shelves - 3.99 for the big one, 2.99 for the small one

Rocking chair - 9.99 I think

Small chair - 5.99 (from the Outlet)

Sneak peek of another project I started this week!

So 4 chairs and 2 shelves. I can't wait to have these done. Those shelves are Pottery Barn and were selling at another thrift store that weekend for $50, granted it was a bigger shelf, but I got 2 that equal that size for less than $7. I haven't decided if I'm going to paint them or stain them darker or just clean them up a little bit - thoughts?

And the sneak peek of another project I started - I do  remove wallpaper and this stuff just had to go! It's not in my house but a good friend's house. I just picked up the paint today so I should have this done in the next few days. Stayed turned for before and afters!

As I was peeling wallpaper off last night, I realized that none, I repeat NONE, of my projects have ever turned out to be less work than I thought. Speaking of, I've signed on for some cupcakes and cake for a confirmation this weekend too...where do I find the time?!?!

Anyone else working on projects??

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