Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warning: this image is rated R

Again, not family friendly - I'm okay with this since I don't have any rugrats running around. I just wanted to showcase a baking adventure I went on with my roommate Val.  They're similar to cake pops in that it's cake in a shape and covered with melting chocolates. We've put our own twist on the traditionalness of without further ado, introducing......... Weiner pops, box of cocks, and whatever else your (dirty) mind comes up with. And Val took the adventure on this project - hitting up the porn shop, 3 times, to get the appropriate sized pans for this party favor. I chose to submit this image in a small scale for obvious reasons. And I hope it doesn't get flagged for inappropriateness - is there an awesomeness flag around here??

These were in a box for a friend's bacherlorette party. Big hit!

Before they are individually wrapped.
Lined up like little soldiers. 

These are great for bachelorette parties ladies, or bachelor parties! Instead of the age old, Suck for  Buck with the Dum Dums, try these on for size! These can easily be sold for 2 for $5 at the bar - trust me! People will be a little leary to start off with, but a few drinks into the night and EVERY one wants to have one of these! One party we took these too even had people putting them in their purse to take to work on Monday to show off to their co-workers - they really are worth seeing! 

If you'd like to have these at your next party, just submit your email address in the comment are and I'll get in touch with you.  Trust me, no one can pass up a good weiner :)

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  1. I'm so sad that I wasn't picked to model for this. Although I guess you were looking for something more snack size and not minis.



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