Monday, April 25, 2011

Lady Gaga was right, I WAS born this way!

Circa 1997 I was a proud member of the Central Live Wires 4-H club. I was 13 at the time, although I'm pretty sure I joined when I was 9 or 10, and I have to attribute most of what I know about a sewing machine to 4-H. Our leader, Sara, opened her house and taught some of us girls how to sew. We started with pencil bags, with zippers (level of difficulty for a 10 year old, 8 or 9), and I was pretty much a sewing machine (bahaha, so funny) since then! I made several garments and modeled them in the 4-H fashion shows, even taking to the stage at the Quincy Mall to display the black pants I was making for our high school marching band Flag Squad that summer - those were a much larger project and I was still sewing on them 2 seconds before we entered the field and some poor girls had pens holding the hems up, sorry girls! I'm a bit of a procrastinator...

Anyways, while I was home this past weekend for Easter, I remembered a pillow I'd made oh so many years ago when hunter green and white stripes comforters were in. You know the ones, you probably had it in black or blue or red. For my project to enter into the Adams County Fair, I made a decorative pillow to match my new bedding. I have to say, this little project isn't bad, and I'm sorry to say that tgdesigns will NOT be featuring the tassel border on any pillows.

This pillow is certainly 'vintage' -- as are the Polaroid pictures accompanying my project. I clearly waited until the last minute to do this and my poor mom didn't have time to take film to get developed so we busted out the Polaroid, which she still has.

I'm  not sure what's up with my writing style, but I'm glad that phase is over as well. I didn't win any ribbons for this project :( But I do have plenty of other ribbons from my frosted glass ornaments, wire flowers and biscuits that all took me to the Illinois State Fair 3 years in a row, go me!

So see, Lady Gaga is right... and this project just proves that I was born this way!

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  1. This post is absolutely hilarious to me. Why didn't you bring the fringe pillow home (sorry, back to Des Moines) with you? I have a pillow I made when I was in first grade with 2 wash clothes and yarn....but I have a feeling after my mom received her 4th one (same first grade teacher for me and all siblings), my original was put on a garage sale.


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