Monday, April 25, 2011

My Opinion Monday

I've decided to take Monday as a day of reflection from the past week and weekend and let everyone know about whatever it is that is on my mind. For my Des Moines friends that watch Sports Sound off on Sunday, it's similar to either "I think" or "What's Bugging Andy" - really just depends on my mood.

People, just because it's old does not means it's vintage....

That's my opinion. I've been hearing this word a lot lately and honestly, most of the stuff that says "vintage" is just old and the reason you have it (and are trying to sell it on Etsy for a ridiculous price) is because no one else wants it...because it's old. Finding a harvest gold bowl from the 70's does not deem a resell price of $27 - pretty sure my mom sold hers for like .50 on the local yard sale 10 years ago...because it's old, and ugly to boot! I wish my parents hadn't gotten rid of the harvest gold side-by-side fridge we had in our "vintage" house before building our new one 15 years ago - I could have put that on Craigslist and sold it as a friggin antique.

When I was at Goodwill the other weekend, oddly enough, there was a great 4-drawer dresser at Goodwill marked "Vintage" and they wanted $80 for it - seriously Goodwill, people don't shop here because they 1) have $80 to spend on a dresser or 2) want anything vintage. We want cheap!

I've taken a few moments to just so a search for "vintage" on Craigslist in the Des Moines area. Let's play the game: which does not belong?

A) vintage boat - $4000

B) vintage drafting table - $200

C) vintage toys - $165

D) vintage Amp - $150

The question again - which one of these items does not belong in the "vintage" answer - none of them! They're all old, used and are overpriced by about 10 times.

Although, if I can work my magic on the four chairs I got at Goodwill,  call them vintage and sell them for 10 times what I paid for them, well, then okay, perhaps I'll give this vintage thing a try!

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