Monday, August 29, 2011

My Opinion Monday - Hail to the NO!

First, you must watch this:

Now, ask yourself this question, "Who needs douche more? Me (as in you sweetie) or the (presumably male) marketing team behind this ad?"

If you answered you, by all means, get down to your local Wally-World and get yourselves some Summer's Eve...if you answered the what I imagine to be male marketing team that put this together, congrats, we officially have the same opinion today! I'd do a giveaway but Summer's Eve hasn't seen this post yet so they haven't contacted me with free samples....

I just don't understand this ad and other lady product commercials. Seriously, only females are using them, we were taught in 6th grade what we need them for and wouldn't you know, have been using them out of necessity since then. It's awkward enough to have to deal with our issues, it's even more awkward standing in the aisle looking at these products wondering which scent we want to smell like for the next 4 weeks and even more awkward having to watch these commercials with our dad.

If we could just keep these commercials simple with depictions of wild nights out, throwing on dirty undies because we haven't done laundry in a while and perhaps a random hook up here and there and perhaps only placed during "Extreme Couponers" or a Lifetime movie, that would be super.

Just trust me marketing geniuses, we don't need a commercial essentially saying our va-jay-jay (thanks OpraaHHHH) makes this world go 'round, we're pretty much in the know since we have one and all. Good try though. Maybe you can get Snooki and the Jersey Shore girls (watch that) next time ...they're the ones sweating, hooking up and needing some refreshing, no? I think I'm onto something're welcome :)

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