Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Found something that made me go "what the?" today....

As I was trolling Craiglist for furniture that I don't have room for, I came across this post. For those that aren't able to follow links from websites because your parents have filters set and you can't figure out how to remove them, here is the post:

Huge Lovesac (The Big One) - $800 (West Des Moines)

I bought this last year and have loved owning it. The ONLY reason I'm getting rid of it is I'm moving to a new place and can't find any place to put it. There is nothing wrong with it, and it has always been taken care of (no spills etc). Because of the nature of the material, it's actually more comfortable then it was when I bought it. It comes with a cover (Espresso Plush, comparable to the Beaver Phur in the link below), two Balls (also Espresso Plush) and a traveling cover, which protects the sac when you're moving it and also has straps with allow you to shrink the size so it's easier to move. I've included a link to the lovesac site below showing a comparable package.

I clicked to the link to see how much these retail for: $1119! Oh my gawd kid, are you serious? You paid over ONE THOUSAND dollars for a BEAN BAG CHAIR?? Yeah yeah, it's seats 3 adults, but so does my new couch and it was cheaper (even cheaper than what the website says) than what you're trying to resell this stupid thing for! We purchased the matching chair so we could seat 4 people comfortably and we still spent less than you did on this! 

I just want to write to this seller "so you can afford an $1100 bean bag chair but you can't afford a place big enough to actually use it? interesting...." I tell you what, if you want a bean bag big enough to seat you and two of your closest friends (which, I'm not sharing a bean bag with anyone, it's too damn hot!) I'll take you to Goodwill and you can buy 3, for about $4.99 each then you can give me the left over $1104 and we'll just call that my "finders fee" - sound good? 

I know I've bought some really ridiculous items before, but I've never paid that much money for one item (besides the obvious car, kitchen, dental work)...have you?

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  1. LOL LOL I never understood those things! Crazy! Is that store even still open in Jordan Creek?


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