Friday, August 5, 2011

Ahh progress...

Yes, it is Friday night and yes, I am at home. But in my defense, I got way too drunk last night and suffered an 8 hour hangover today. Not living with Val and seeing her only twice this week (both ending in margarita's) may lead to some sort of alcoholism. We've watched enough Intervention to know what to do to shake the addiction though. 

Dammit though, I deserve a night with the house to myself. We went to the bar for dinner and I sipped a Moscow Mule while the bf tried really hard to finish an Old Fashioned. Two seconds before he ordered it he told me he wasn't going to. For some reason he remembers them being delicious. That reason would have been because he was really drunk before he started drinking them one night so anything was possible.

After dinner we made a quick stop at Ace, our friendly neighborhood store. Although overpriced, it is only right around the corner from the bar, so it was on our way. When I got back home, I started work on all this:

My unfinished craft room is getting a workout tonight...
I know all this doesn't look like much yet, but by tomorrow evening, I'll have some (I hope) pretty cool cell phone pictures to post. I'm dedicating much of my day tomorrow to decorating. And I couldn't be more excited or stressed about it. I'm fairly indecisive, so putting holes in the walls only to hang something and think I'd like it better elsewhere just sounds like a rough Saturday. Scratch that, I've had worse.

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