Friday, September 2, 2011

So what are you reading right now?

Here's what I picked up at Goodwill a few days ago after practically having a withdrawal...

1. Better Homes and Garden's Handyman's Guide circa 1960. This was more of a purchase for the man of the house...he's not the most skilled when it comes to the mechanics of having a home. Even though we won't be wallpapering or laying 4x4 ceramic tile in the bathroom (since it's already there, ugh), this still can serve as a nice guide on unclogging drains and patching your fireplace. And truth be told, I bought it because it was old, looked cool and was only $1.29. He's never going to read it...(sigh).

2. Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing circa 1980. This is a me purchase. I sew but only learned by someone teaching me on a few patterns and I've just figured the rest out on my own since then. I looked through this book the other night and smiled the entire time. I can make ruffles, do French darts, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It's a nice reference material and it does look good on our coffee table too. It also only cost me $1.29 too.

3. The Autobiography of Merton Boswell Greene. I couldn't resist this book. I always feel bad when I see family pictures or other really personal items at Goodwill. I imagine that no one took the time to either take the pictures out of the frames or just didn't care or know what to do with whatever it was. I was drawn to 'ol Merton and his fancy bow tie. He clearly had put some time, energy and probably money into writing his own story. On the first page I learned that Merton had written this when he was 87 years old, with a typewriter, and would be including some of his father's own writings as well. His father had written something similar when he was alive, I assume Merton felt the need to write his story and include his father's story as a way for his family to remember him. His family clearly didn't care as it ended up at Goodwill. I'm hoping that someone just wanted to share his story with others. So for $0.89, I picked this up. I'm a few pages in so far, it's his father's story that I'm currently reading. Grew up in England, they had a successful shoe making company until machines took over. He (Merton's father) moved to America just two years before the business went under....I know it doesn't seem like an interesting read, but this is true reality. I find it nice to read something that someone put their heart into. I just hope when my family throws all my old pillows, refinished furniture and other things I've done to Goodwill, someone else will pick those up much like I did with Merton's autobiography.

So what are you reading? It's getting to be fall and that's when I like to go to bed around 9 or so and read until it's my official "bedtime." Any good suggestions? And if anyone wants to read about Merton, just let me know!

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