Monday, September 26, 2011

My Opinion Monday - countdowns on facebook...

I'm so happy for all my Facebook friends when they get married...mostly because I'm so damn tired of seeing their countdown on their status update like every day. It's really annoying to keep reading "893 days until I'm Mrs. New Last Name" and "In 394 days, I get to marry my best friend!"

Chances are, I'm not even invited to your wedding, do you really think I need to see a constant countdown to a day that means nothing to me? How about you do it the old fashioned way: get your paper calendar out, get a red marker and just cross off the days as they are over. Then you can keep a tally for yourself, in the privacy of your own home, of how many more days you have left of being able to break up without a lawyer. mmkk?

I will get married one day, and I promise you that I will not inundate my status updates with countdowns. Mainly because the people that really need to know how many days, already have an invitation on their fridge, along with the "Save the Date" magnet and a Facebook event invite as reminders. A daily status update reminder is unnecessary, and frankly, very annoying. Many times I've wanted to comment on those when they get to like "9 days left" with a "thank god, I'm so friggin sick of seeing this on your status everyday...if you starting counting up like how many days you've actually been married, I'm defriending you."

I may start counting down to retirement though...if I can retire at 57, I only have 10,950 days left!! Now that is something worth keeping track of!

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