Saturday, July 9, 2011

Would you like fries with that??

*************bleeeppp, errrrrrrr, eeeeeeee....WE INTERUPT THIS SILENCE TO BRING YOU A MUCH NEED BLOG POST....READ BELOW FOR AN UPDATE ON THE HOUSE...bleeeppppp, errrrr...eeeeeeeeeee*********************

I hope everyone read that in their best "this is a test of the emergency broadcasting system" voice....

So the house is coming along, slowly but surely. We talked about not having to do everything at once, but turns out my personality just doesn't really go for that. It's been two weeks, we have yet to have a weekend at the house (other than the weekend when we moved in) so we still have tape on the floor and the bedrooms, hallway and kitchen are in need of a fresh coat of paint.

Also in need of a fresh coat of paint was the foyer...that's french for entryway I do believe. When we moved in, this was the only room that didn't have the standard, sell your house tan color. It was like the sellers just stopped at the most colorful area and went "um, yeah, that looks okay right?? We painted everything else this  nice, neutral tan color, let's go ahead and leave the entryway red...Okay yep, let's do that." And then they put the For Sale sign in the yard.

We bought a gallon of paint from the 'Oops' section in a nice yellow color. I actually hate yellow paint, but for some reason, I liked this paint. I thought it would go well with the other colors we'd already put in the house. After slaving away on the trimming, I started rolling. I got about this far:

Excuse the picture quality, cell phone cameras have come a long way...but not on older phones.

And Tyler says "You may as well stop. I hate it. I hated it before you started."

Okay, thanks for that time waster there babe. I stepped back and thought "gawd, this looks a lot like a McDonald's...would you like fries with that shake?"

I would have liked to actually see the yellow on all four walls, but Tyler has actually asked that it be painted the same color the kitchen is going to be.  Something like this:

Here's hoping to this color working out much better than the yellow! Thoughts on the color? ...other suggestions? The other colors in our house so far are:

Indigo Batik (HGTV color from Sherwin Williams)
Parakeet (Sherwin Williams)

You like?

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  1. I like the blue. In fact, if you don't mind semi-gloss, you can have half a can of our bathroom paint. It is REALLY close to that color. Heart you! -Sums


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