Monday, July 11, 2011

My Opinion Monday - am I getting too old for this??

That was the question I asked myself several times while at a wedding reception this past weekend. The wedding was for a friend from high school, someone that was only a year behind me but still hung out with the older, more cooler peeps - the Class of 2002 (slight freakout realizing our class reunion is in like, well, less than a year? like shouldn't it be this homecoming season, or do I have that all wrong??)!

The wedding was great - the BEST, most INCREDIBLE music at the ceremony hands down. A violinist played "Love Story" by Taylor Swift and a girl sang two very appropriate country songs and killed it, she was great. I can't help but think that the violinist could actually get me to marry back in the hometown, so long as she agreed to played at the ceremony. I sat next to a guy that we all had a crush on when he was in High School and we were in Jr High. Sadly I did not recognize him because, um, he'd gained some weight and was unrecognizable to me. Maybe it's because I hadn't seen him for, well, 10 years or more too that contributed to that lack of recognition?? Anyway, Joni and I gushed at the reception about him and all the other boys we thought were just soooo dreamy when they were in High School and we in Jr High.

The reception was full of people my age, my brother's age (class of '99) and people my parent's age. This is probably why when I got on the dance floor and saw some girls that I knew were younger than me....oh my god they're drinking?!?! They can't be old enough for this! I'm only like...oh that's right, I'm 27. Which if they're at least 21 would have put them in 6th/7th grade when I was a senior. Suddenly, I was tired, my legs hurt, the beer wasn't tasting quite so good and I needed a water. Straight to the bar I go for..a Mt. Dew. Yes, this will do it, some caffeine is all I need. That decongestant I just took must be making me sleepy....I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. Chug, chug, chug...oh that's cold on my teeth, they're so sensitive...and done...

So back to the dance floor I go, bound and determined to show these youngsters that I, in fact, do still have it. They were all dancing on one of my friends so I showed them up - one of them even told me that too!!! Oh I was riding high on this. I could probably tell you who they were based on facebook pictures but I had no idea how old they were. So I go "so how old are you girls, 21, 22??" ...drunk off free beer they're like "nope, 20!"...

And that's when I realized.....I am getting too old for this. My dad came and picked us up at 11:30PM and we went home rather than to the bar with the rest of the youngsters (which were mostly people my age, I was consoling my wounded ego here people). I was in bed by 12:30AM. on a Saturday night. After a pretty good wedding reception.  The only plus of this, I was not hungover on Sunday. Since when did not being hungover become a plus??

Bah, whatever. I'm totally over it.

**Note to self: do NOT invite people younger to your wedding Traci, we wouldn't want them showing you up on your day. Oh and include no picture frames please on the invite. **

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