Friday, July 15, 2011

I just have to chair....

Get it, like share, but chair...say it faster, you'll get it...right?? ...anyone??

Okay whatever. I just wanted to chair share with you a couple pics of a new project. And before you ask, no the other 40 projects that I've picked up are not finished yet, those can wait. This one is my new favorite.

I frequent Goodwill. I actually go to Goodwill, the Salvation Army and the DAV more often that I go to the mall. I seriously haven't been to a mall in months. They're so clean and nice and bah, I like using a little hand sanitizer  after shopping...okay really I don't, I think it's gross at some points (like digging through bins at the Goodwill Outlet) but as with any hoarder second hand store enthusiast, finding that one special piece makes it all worth while!

On a recent trip to the ol Goodwill, I spied this:

$4.99 - wouldn't it be nice if you could deduct your purchases from Goodwill and not just the items you donate! Obama, you there? That sounds like a super awesome stimulus package to me....and a credit card interest deduction too, thanks!

A super old, in decent condition chair. Something you would have seen in the janitor's closet back in the day in school. While I love the vibe of the chair, the seat coverings have out lived their precious brown crushed velvet days and I'll be refinishing that. It'll go on the list of "things I don't know how to do but will figure out."

What's even cooler about this chair is when I flipped it over to put it in the trunk, this is what I saw:

A date. 2.4.65. If that's correct, which why would anyone just scribble a random date on the bottom of the chair if it wasn't the actual date, then this chair is a ripe 46 years old. My mom was still in school when this chair was rolling around the hallways. School hallways I don't know, Goodwill stuff comes with your own history. You make it up, people believe it because heck, they don't know either! Maybe this was in prison somewhere and some uber famous creep-o set....ummmm I'll go back to the days of school hallways, much less creepy.

I don't plan on painting this chair. The age that is on it is just too good to cover up I think, at this point anyways. This is going to look super cool in our little office area on the wall opposite the fireplace. I'm hoping for this to be done asap. But I'm probably going boating tomorrow so I guess this will have to sit in the garage for a few more days.

Anyone else have a chair obsession? I'm like shoes, purses, coats and chairs right now. I've actually purchased more chairs than shoes in the past few months...not sure what that says about me but if I end up with as many chairs as I do shoes, we're going to have a problem...if we don't already :)

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