Monday, July 25, 2011

My Opinion Monday - The Hangover edition

Between family, friends and way too much booze this weekend, I'm totally speechless. Probably because I'm afraid if I open my mouth, I might puke. That was what kept going through my mind all day yesterday after partaking in waaayyy toooo maannnyyy shots and drinks on Saturday night.

We started our night at a local watering hole where I was greeted with a very large, $5.25 margarita. Followed by an orange and basil Mojito (mo-gee-toe is how I like to pronounce that, I know I know, it's not correct but I can say it however I want!). Followed then by a couple Vanilla Creme ale's at a brewery, mixed in with a lemon drop shot and a quick drive (not me) to another bar. I am not quite sure what I drank there, but I do know that it consisted of one and a half shots. I had to give the other half to my other half.

When I got home, my inner child was all but screaming to get out so I devoured a bowl of Honey Combs, followed by a bowl of Fruit Loops and I think I went back for a few more Fruit Loops since I had milk leftover in my bowl. (Do you drink the leftover milk? I do, I've heard some people don't...let's discuss). After that I made a b-line to the bathroom, kicked the bf out and threw up. So naturally, I was hungry again. I grabbed the box of Fruit Loops and took them to bed with me and proceeded to stuff my face until I passed out, not before I cried a little bit (oh wait, that was last night, yes I was drunk again).

Sunday morning was awful. I had forgotten about the 24 oz Bud Light I drank before we actually went anywhere until I saw it on the counter. bah, what was I thinking last night? I had plans to be productive today, this blows. I forced myself to go to Target, TJMaxx and Hy-Vee all before noon. The bf so lovingly went to Little Ceasar's to grab me some crazy bread, I managed to eat half of it and then tried for a nap. No dice.

The rest of the afternoon I played horrible hostess to Tyler's parents who were there ready to work. I was not. I managed to find my way to Ace, say some inappropriate things to an unsuspecting worker, put a coat of stripper on a dresser, scrape that off, sweat some booze out because it was so friggin hot out, thank god that Tyler didn't break up me up (he actually brought me fresh ice water and a Popsicle), make some pasta salad and consume more booze at a family BBQ.

Let this be a lesson to myself - no one likes a hungover Traci, no one hates her more than I do. I wish I'd written this before I started drinking last night...2 hangovers in a row sucks. Even worse than The Hangover: 2 (from what I hear).....

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