Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why didn't I think of this?

Sorry to those that missed my opinions. I decided that I'd just keep my mouth shut these past couple Monday's since it was the day after Christmas and then a few days into the new year. I didn't want to start the year off by bitching - I do that plenty enough without writing it down - so I took a few weeks off. I'll be back on Monday though....and now back to the original post...

I find myself saying that a lot lately since I joined the timesuck that is Pinterest. You can even follow me, just click the button above this post. I've decided it's the place where most people who aren't engaged plan their weddings and babies, which is odd to me to be honest. I've got a few boards and have found some fairly useful ideas - it's just actually doing them that seems to be most everyone's problem. I've done one item so far, and am trying not to pin something I'm not really going to do.

However, today when I decided I needed a fabric storage idea, I Googled it - sorry Pinterest. I eventually came across this post and decided that I must do this and I must do this tonight. So I did.  And this is what it looks like now:

I didn't take a before, but  I can assure you it was a disaster, like an angry 4-year old
took over and just threw every piece of fabric wherever there was an opening. Not pretty.
I luckily already had the shelves built in in my craft cave, I just had to remove a few shelves and viola! I'm completely in love with this, I did a little happy dance - probably because I realized I did have the fabric I needed for a custom order that I just reordered and have been waiting on. I'm hoping this makes me much more excited about organizing - because like I said, craft cave is a total disaster right now. CPS would take away my kids if that was their room.

Did you notice the yellow and gray fabrics?
Remember I redid a chair with one of these?
Well, that color scheme is about to dominate this color scheme:
It looks far more girly in person.
Turns out you can't have a pink guest room. It just looks dumb when the rest of your house looks awesome. I just can't make the pink and green work. So I'm going to take the duvet and turn it into fabric and make a bag for a soon to be baby momma. and no it's not me, that would just be ridiculous.

Anyways, if you're running out of space and need a new way to store your fabric, do this. It's form core, cut into eights and then fabric wrapped around. It can't get easier than that!

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