Monday, January 16, 2012

My Opinion Monday - idiots at the gym

I'm going to preface this post by saying that it's awesome for anyone who starts a gym regime, congrats and go you. 

But what the fuck are you doing there in a class if you're not going to follow the simple instructions given by the instructor?? It's like a waste of your time, a waste of my energy watching you and a distraction to everyone else in the class. 

I went to a bodypump class tonight which consists of 1 hour of weight lifting. It's a full class and I ended up in the front. Which I thought was fine because then I would only have myself to look at in the mirror and not everyone else in front of me. Well I was wrong. Being in the front gave me free range to stare at anyone else. 2 people caught my eye tonight. 

First was the older lady behind me. She was buff, you could tell that she'd done this before. HOWEVER, she did NONE of the moves correctly and I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself is that's how she always does it. While everyone else is looking up at the instructor, her eyes and head are facing down doing lord knows what. I couldn't help but watch her behind me. She was taller than me and I had no choice; it's hard to watch yourself for an hour.

The second dipshit to catch my eye was the lady that first was on the treadmill while I was warming up before class on the elliptical behind her. I immediately judged her running form (I know, I'm not a pro either but you'd  think she'd never jogged before) and was annoyed at the fact that she had her purse on the treadmill with her. I throw mine in the trunk of my car, therefore I feel like everyone else should. There's nothing in your purse that you need while in the gym (that goes for you cell phone talkers too, get off the phone and workout). Well this lady happens to be in the bodypump class and has a hard time getting the 1-2-3-4 counts down. Instructor says "Okay we're going to do 4 down and 4 up" - idiot lady essentially does 1 count down, 1 count up and just stands there. And she does that again. and again. and then puts the instructors step away - which is another distriction during (class can't you all just wait to put your stuff away AFTER class like the rest of us??) And then she continues to do nothing but stand there and chomp her gum like it's her job. Continues to have a hard time with the simple 1-2-3-4 counting the instructor is doing. Puts more of the instructors equipment away. And then I follow her out and her butt crack is hanging out of her pants. Hot mess. Fix yourself lady. Please. 

I am beginning my fitness routine once again - so much harder the 4th time around - and am aware of what I'm going to see and how often. I just never understood those that come to class and don't follow the instructor or do anything but stand there. Telling everyone you went to bodypump doesn't count if you didn't  do anything. I'm not saying that I'm super amazing and am ready to be a certified instructor, but I have mastered how to count to 4 and can follow simple directions over the loud speaker for an hour. Seems simple enough to me. And to my friend Summer (who witnessed all this tonight as well). Summer says if  you can't handle it, go to Curves. 

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your workout ;)


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