Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh, did I tell you I do landscaping too??

And when I say I, I mean we.

Tyler decided he wanted to come home to my parents for Easter this past weekend (not so sure why, I wasn't even expecting him to ask) and in a most likely drunken state, we thought that doing some landscaping at my parents was the perfect way to spend Saturday. My dad told me it was going to rain all day Saturday and Sunday so on Friday night when we got home, our plans were squashed. I woke up on Saturday and decided to bake some homemade cinnamon rolls like my Grandma Giles taught me. After that, my mom, Tyler and I went to Quincy for a quick trip to the mall and Sam's Club. It was a beautiful day out, we could totally do some landscaping - and that is exactly what we did :)

We headed to Lowe's to pick up the necessities: that black stuff you put down to prevent grass and weeds (yes, that is what they call it), those spike things that hold it into place (which can also be welding rods bent into a staple like form - goooo Frank on figuring that out!), a few plants (and only a few, my mom does NOT have a green thumb), and some mulch (like 20 bags).

My parents have lived in their house for 15 years now (yeah for paying more towards principal than interest now!) and at one time, had some rose bushes in their front area. Those have since died, been removed and the grass was taking over. I thought it was time that it looked like someone lived there (we have yet to hang REAL curtains up, still using tension rods with $5.99 curtains from Kmart) and since their anniversary was coming up, and we were there, this was the perfect excuse to get this project done.

Before - nothing but grass and weeds

Laying down that stuff


And again, with the G and some turtles in place

Happy 36th Anniversary Mom and Dad! This literally took us about 4 hours, maybe less - we had some visitors and lunch - and about $200. I haven't heard from my parents, but I hope that they're watering the plants. If I didn't live 4 hours away, I'd go do it myself :)

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  1. Looks great!!! You guys did awesome! Tim and I are about to upgrade his yard, too! It's gonna be ALOT of work! Can't wait for it to be done!!


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