Monday, May 16, 2011

My Opinion Monday - Can I see your ID?

I went to the movies yesterday - hooray for $4 matinées - to see Bridesmaids with my roomie and my old roomie. We consumed a few glasses of wine  (okay, the box holds 4 bottles, we had little left after we filled our water bottles) beforehand as we've found that makes movies even more enjoyable. We should have known this would have left us all crying more than laughing during the movie, but oh well, we did it anyway.

After waiting in line for a few minutes and being told to wrap the line around in the atrium, not the road, I was in place to buy my ticket. It went a little something like this:

me - "One for Bridesmaids please."

teenie bopper ticket seller who looked like Bieber - "Could I see your ID please?"

me  - "Are you kidding me? I'm 27!" (turning to Dana and Val who have successfully purchased their tickets without being harassed - "I'm being carded right now!" ...Laughter ensues from those two, thanks girls!

So I take my ID out of my wallet (which we strategically had already removed from our purses since we were carrying in our own water bottles) and do a little eye roll I'm sure, and pass it under the little area that is available to me. You know what this kid does next?? NOTHING! Doesn't even look at my ID, gives me a "thank you" and passes me my ticket without looking at me again.

I was recently carded while buying cigarettes for a friend (for reals, smoking is gross) and I was as shocked then too, especially since I'd just driven from the bar to the gas station to purchase them. So I already knew I don't look 18, but now I look younger than 17! I can't even get into 'R' rated movie without pulling out my ID.

I should be flattered, I know. But 17?? I'd like to be mistaken for someone that's actually graduated at least high school! I've theorized though that maybe he just wanted to ask me to prom and wanted to confirm my age and address. But since he didn't even look at my ID or at me for the remainder of the transaction - I'm  pretty sure I  broke his Bieber heart.

No worries Biebs, we'll be back next Sunday to see "Something Borrowed" - I'll try to dress a little older for ya!

PS. The movie was fantastic - I won't ruin the end, but I'm pretty sure they've been recording Val's and my conversations and my dance moves for the past few months. Life imitating art or art imitating life - we're pretty sure they stole it from us :) Go see it, you won't be disappointed...well, unless you're a dude.

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