Monday, February 6, 2012

My Opinion Monday - about Monday

It's here. The dreaded Monday. According to all my friends on Facebook, this is the most loathed day of the week. I wish I didn't agree. I wish Monday meant more than peeling yourself out of bed from the NyQuil induced coma you put yourself in a mere 8 hours before and throwing on something that looks remotely professional and getting to work on time - but still late. (I'm a late on-timer. Like I'm late everyday, but I'm on time everyday. 8:20(ish) is when I start - see, late but on time...maybe this only makes sense to me?).

On Monday I always feel like I'm coming down with something - a cold, strep throat, being pregnant (kidding) - and most of the time if I can just get myself out of bed, into the shower and off to work, I'm doing just fine by noon and can make it through the rest of the day knowing that my bed is awaiting me when I get home. Along with everything else I neglected to do over the weekend because I was too busy being 21 and drinking all day Saturday and then couldn't function on Sunday to do anything more than make chicken for dinner since we ate breakfast and lunch via fast food. Needless to say, I'm too old to be day drinking. 

But today I'm feeling like I really am getting strep. Strep and I have this long standing winter relationship that normally takes over about 3 times a year. Knock on wood - I've not had it this year. I really hope it's just a case of the Monday's and it's just a sore throat from the change in weather. Thanks to that stupid groundhog we got 5 inches of snow a couple days later. I feel like if it were Friday and I had awesome weekend plans (which I do have this weekend so I am hoping to goodness this is just a scratchy throat), I would be just fine. Monday just does something to all of us.

Monday makes  us cranky, irritated that the weekend is over so quickly, pissed that we didn't get what we wanted to get done in our mere 2 days of rest, tired because we have to get up 5 days in a row and be somewhere (late) on time, sluggish because we fell off the diet bandwagon, and completely not prepared for the week. Why is that? Am I the only one that feels this way? I know I'm not, it's all over Facebook - and even Pinterest, with all those catching "Monday Sucks" posters and such (I'm sure they exist, I can make one with black sharpie and copy paper if needed).

The only thing I look forward to on Monday is knowing that in 2 days, it's Wednesday and then in 2 days it's Friday. But sadly, 2 days from that is Monday. Oh the vicious cycle. I use to work with an older gentleman that would everyday remind me that it was not yet Friday. Picking up trash on Monday "It ain't Friday." Picking up trash on Tuesday "It ain't Friday." Seeing him in the hall on Wednesday "It ain't Friday." And then on Friday "It's Friday, but in two days it'll be Monday."

Maybe someday we'll all learn to love Monday. I have a feeling we'll only do that when Monday is considered part of the weekend (because we're all only working 4 days a week at that point and we collectively decided that Monday should be on the weekend and not Friday because Friday already rocks).

In your best Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City peeps) voice:  "Would we then loathe Tuesday as much as we loathe Monday now?"

Ponder that, or tell me how much you love Monday in the comments below. I'm off to take some NyQuil and wait for Tuesday.

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