Friday, April 10, 2015

Adding carpet to the living room: #notmyidea

Okay, where did we leave off? Let me see, oh yes, I had just given you the run down on why I hadn't updated you with a status update of pictures. I have a tendency to get really excited about projects and then completely overwhelmed so I find something else to do with my time. But here I am, 5 months later to give you an update on where I/we am/are with the house. Today, I bring you, the living room update. 

When I moved in, this was the room. At some point there had been a fire in this room so the floor was a total loss, except I didn't see it that way. I threw an area rug over it for a few months and called it good. I had plans of either painting the floor or leaving it and calling it character. The fiance had other plans*....

and who can really blame him...this floor was toast, literally.

I received a very generous cash gift for Christmas so he decided I should spend that and some of his Christmas money on carpet for the living room. I wasn't on board at all. I wanted to spend my money on pretty things - like shoes and purses and ridiculous light fixtures and ooh, I could completely redo one kitchen wall with  that money. Carpet was so so so very boring to me....

Paint color is Sherwin Williams Zircon. Minwax Espresso PolyShades
on the trim. IKEA curtains that have been horribly hemmed with safety pins.

But it was clearly necessary. There was just no saving the floor. If we sanded, we'd lose the stained design and as much as I'd like to think I'd actually redo the design, let's remember it's taken me 6 months to post on this ol blog here....

Anywho, here are some progress shots...

And tada! The most un-epic after picture. ever. 

This is clearly an old picture. I did leave my tree up through the New Year though.

And, an ever more un-epic before and after side by side sort of comparison.

*and he was right. I am actually very, very happy with the decision to get carpet in the living room. It's doubling as my guest room right now so it's nice to be able to offer guests a nicer place to sleep.  

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