Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Status Update - sort of like Facebook but with more pictures

Hey all - it's time for a quick status update on the house. It seems that this whole "doing one room at a time" things is a super slow process. I'm tempted to tear the whole house apart so I can motivate myself to actually finish something. Turns out I'm less motivated than I thought to actually get stuff done - I rather enjoy laying on the couch from 5pm-10:30pm then going to bed.

Last time I left you, it was with some tips on wallpapering. I've recently rearranged the mantel and will show you a picture soon...right after we paint it white. *Sidenote -  There's been an internal dilemma about the trim - I decided to not paint it white and just restain to keep the "character" and "history" of the home. But the more staining we do, the more I'm convinced that this trim, although old, is not original to this house and is some pretty rough shape. I settled on a compromise of painting the doors white and keeping the trim dark.*

So here's what's been happening, via unedited phone pictures so I don't bore you with wordz: 

I bought these chairs on Craigslist. If you know me, you know coral is my jam. And blue and white patterned fabric runs a close second. For $60, it was hard to pass up. 

Fancy peel and stick window coverings in the background. 
 I mixed up a few paint options for the dining room - I'm planning on going with the one on the far right. It's super dark and moody and I think it'll totally work because this room has 3 windows and get tons of natural light.

I got a new toilet. Perks of having a leaky tub I suppose...
Isn't she pretty?
 Not so much a perk of the leaky tub? The hole in my dining room ceiling.

Note to self: always put a tarp down before pulling down 102 year old plaster.
 I got on an 8 foot step ladder and scrapped as much of the vines off the side of the house as I could reach.
Saved myself about $90 of labor but I almost killed myself.
 I whipped up some Halloween decorations and only had 3 Trick or Treaters - 1 of which was a friends daughter. Super sad face. But I only spent about 30 minutes on this so it wasn't a total waste of my time I suppose.
Amazing what you can do with a paper bag and some spray paint.
 I took a weekend trip to Forest City to see my best friend Kayla and helped her ring in her 31st birthday!
 I made lemon bars and they were delicious. I ate 2 just to make sure they were good enough to take to work and to girls night.
The Perfect Brownie pan also make Perfect Lemon Bars. 
 I got my hair french braided by my lovely friend Summer. I took it out almost immediately after.
30 going on 13. 
 And I finally got a dinner date with these 3 hooligans.
Add caption
 And then I made salt dough ornaments with my friend Megan and her daughter Sami. It did not go well. I salvaged these 3 stars, painted them gold and put them on my mantle.
I'm going to make a garland for my Christmas tree with these.
 And now I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive rug for the living room. Rugs USA has a ton of options and they're all on sale now. I'm contemplating this one and it's on sale for $103 plus free shipping right now.

 And then I got this tea towel and box of wine as an early birthday present to myself.

I already framed the towel to hang as art. 

Phew, that's a lot. And explains why not a lot of progress has happened at the house. I'm too busy eating, drinking and crafting I guess.

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