Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Opinion Monday - The padded sports bra

I should note that from the time I was in 6th grade (and on) was a very tramatic time for me (and my boobs). I was inducted into the IBTC (itty, bitty, titty committee) and called the "great plains" while my friend who was most likely only an A at the time was referred to as the "rocky mountains." In 8th grade I was dumped by a 6th grader for a girl that had a B-cup. No joke. And in high school  my volleyball coach made a comment about not having my sprots bra on. I spouted off about how it was unfair that everyone knows how small chested I was just by looking at me, while we could not tell just by looking at guys what they were packing (you know, down below). I'm sure I would have been suspended indefinitely for saying that these days.

mom, this is where you tell dad this blog, well, he probably doesn't want to read it. Just tell him my car is running just fine and I'll need an oil change this weekend. 

I'm 28 years old. I haven't worn a sports bra since I was in 6th grade. I didn't need one then and I don't need one now.

Well, I didn't need one until I gained 15 lbs in a 12 month span. Besides adding some extra inches to my stomach, hips and thighs, I managed to get some extra fat where I really wanted it - in the boobies!

Unfortunately, I can not keep all this weight. I have not put on a pair of pants (that I didn't buy this summer because I couldn't fit into old ones) since last fall/winter. With the time of year quickly approaching, I'm on a mission to lose some weight and get into shape so I can look fabulous in jeans and sweaters - which seems really dumb since I'd rather look great in a swimsuit but, this is how I do. I started running a few weeks ago to get in shape for the upcoming Color Run. And that's when I noticed that my little everyday training bra was not going to cut it if I was going to get serious about working on my fitness.

So yesterday after Val and I went and got our bodies measured up (my thighs are the same size as some peoples waists), we headed out on a shopping spree of sorts to get some new gear. We needed a yoga mat, some weights and a jump rope. The first two things I picked up where a sports bra and a new top. Par for the course when Val and I are shopping.

I guess I thought all sports bras were like those from 6th grade. You know the ones - white cotton with a one inch elastic band around the bottom, give you a glorious uniboob (or in my case, just letting everyone around me know that I do wear padded bras and am working with pretty much nothing in that area). They are not. I picked up a nice padded sports bra that yes, does indeed make me look as though I'm rocking a decent A cup, rather than some AAA that those of 6th grade would have made me look like.

Today was our first day of this FitCamp we're attending. We had to run a mile. I wore my new sports bra and oh.my.god. Life changing. Who knew?! It's just one less area of pudge giggling around reminding me how I shouldn't have eaten the 6 crab rangoons with my Chinese takeout all those times over the past 12 months. UGH.


  1. Traci Giles! No sports bras at all?? You're crazy! Gotta love a good sports bra! :)

    Excited for the Color Run! It's already just around the corner!

  2. That was a long time ago, Traci! It's a good thing that you own one now, so you can start with your workouts. Just manage your time, and you'll be fine all the way. That's life-changing, indeed! :)



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