Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everything gets painted...

I'm starting to think that this blog should have been titled "Everything gets painted" because everything that we've brought into the house has essentially been painted. And if that piece is really lucky, gets painted again. I recently went on a "donating spree" and got rid of a few items that just weren't serving any purpose other than collecting dust and junk. I got rid of the desk we had in our living room on the office wall because I'd already bought another one from the Salvation Army and Tyler has put me on a one in, one out furniture diet.

You may remember that this is what the wall looked liked after the new paint and accessories went up (and what the house looked like before we painted everything):

Looking good, but I always thought something was missing...
Well, after we painted the new desk and hung up some frames, this is what we've got now:

Tell your boyfriend the color is CORAL and you can get away with
a pink desk :)
Quick, can you spot the differences? Don't mind the heater fan that I clearly didn't realize was there when I was taking the picture or the fact that the chair you're seeing is clearly blocking a bunch of "stuff" that has made its home on the floor in front of this wall. The blue chair and "stuff" needs to go back to the craft room - after we had water in the basement a month ago or so, most of my items got moved upstairs and just haven't made their way back down yet.

Did you notice the CORAL desk though?

My Grandmother would say "ohh, pret-ty, pret-ty!"

I LOVE it! Since the rest of our house is pretty colorful, those colors start to feel like neutrals - the blues, greens, grays, teals - so this coral was just the pop I think this wall needed! I'm going to be painting the chair white I think - or maybe not? thoughts? I've had the chair for about a year now, so glad it finally found a home :)

This piece actually matches another piece we have in our living room that we painted yellow - same line of furniture for sure. The legs match, the drawer handles match, the little wooden applique at the bottom (which you can barely see) matches. It was meant to be in our house (and that's what I had to tell Tyler when he begrudingly came to pick me up from the thrift store since I didn't have a vehicle big enough to get it home. "Hi, um, can you come pick me up at the Salvation Army?"). And at only $20 for the desk itself and $12 for paint, I'd say we have a winner!

I did learn that you should always prime a piece if you're not sure where it's been. The paint didn't take too well to a few places so I was painting, then priming some spots, then painting again. It's a little rough around the edges and I left it that way because I'm lazy to add character.

Now all I have to do is find some knobs I like - which is essentially trying to find a needle in a haystack. Wish me luck!

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