Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Renovation Realities: So my contractor quit...


Sad news in the renovation realities game friends. My contractor, who has been less than stellar since the get go - what with his unresponsiveness and horrible communication skills - has finally quit on me. (Pretend there are those little hand clapping emoji things here).

And you know what, I'm not even mad about it. And you know why? Because he sucked. Like majorly. Like I was so frustrated with him that I was ready to punch him in the face. But alas, he only showed up once to look at the work for the second time and was late because he had to stop for something to eat so I let it slide. I mean, he did show up. So sad when someone showing up almost when they say they will get him a pass from PunchLand.

Over the past few months he has made promises that he just didn't keep. "I'll have that quote to you on Monday." So I call on Monday, of course, he didn't answer. I went on vacation and sent him a text (because he has a hard time answering his phone) about not seeing anything coming through via email. Then I left the message with, "If you can't do this work I need to know so I can find someone else." And per his usual response time, 18 hours later, he responded that he was sorry and that he would not be able to do the work because he is too busy. I want to call him and scream and yell profanities at him.

I should have known from the very beginning. I mean, if he wasn't responsive when there wasn't work going on, what was I expecting when work was actually started??

Here's a tip - do your research!! I did not. I used a company that my Realtor had used previously and only because I needed a quote for the work prior to my closing. Turns out this idiot just threw some numbers on paper and called it a day. Which really sucks because my ENTIRE renovation financing was based on his logic and numbers. #epichomeownerfail

I'm meeting with another company on Friday that I've already met with twice. It seems promising - like the guy carries a clipboard, has a business card AND knows how to answer his phone. It's the little things people.

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  1. A clipboard? I love a good clipboard. Go with the new guy! (also, saw on Instagram, congratulations!!!!!)


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