Monday, October 8, 2012

My Opinion Monday - Runners on the left, walkers to the right...


I found myself saying this a few times this weekend. I mean, I did participate in 2 5k's this weekend! Okay okay, the first one was just a walk but the second one, well, Val and I went balls to the wall and ran the whole damn thing. Yeah, we're pretty proud of ourselves. We celebrated with lots of booze and fried food...and by missing our morning workout today. I'll take credit for that, I sent the "I'm not going to make it" text. Whateves, we ran 3.2 miles and to us, it was like running a full marathon. We've only been "running" - I use that word loosely, I've been tripping and falling more than running - for a few weeks now but have managed to take a whole minute off our mile time. MILE, not 3.2 MILES. This is the furthest we've run together. And like we told the boys after the race, we always finish together. Novel idea, right boys?

Anyways, so my peeve this weekend was dealing with slow ass people in the left lanes of the race. I mean, if they read the 10 page packet they would know that they should scoot themselves to the right of the path to let those that are actually trying to finish the race running pass by without having to give them elbows and want to push them down. And even if they didn't read the packet, come on people - it's common sense. Pretend you're driving on the interstate. You pass on the left and drive super slow in the right lane. That same theory applies here too. 

I'm not an avid runner, but I was trying to prove to myboyfriendself that I could actually finish something and was kind of excited to see my boyfriend not show up to the finish line. I just felt like the people that gave me dirty looks for saying "excuse me" in the nicest possible way - I was at the happiest 5k on the planet - were being real assholes. I tried my best to be polite and I think I did do that. But I think the next time I plan to actually run the entire race, I'm going to get a shirt that says "If you're walking and I just had to dodge around you, move to the right." I might through a cuss word in there, people tend to respond to cursing quite well. 

Anyways, here's proof that Val and I finished The Color Run:

Yes, this photo is named lightenup.jpg. Not because I need
to lighten up, but because I lightened the picture up. 
So anyways, read the pre-race packets or just use some common sense and move over if you're walking. That way I don't have to get in a big tizzy about it. 

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  1. Very nice, and I couldn't agree more. Move over slow pokes! Hopefully after my mom finishes reading the race packet for Race for the Cure, she'll have some information for me since I've done it almost every year for 10 years and never read more than the location of the start line!


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