Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Update

I know this doesn't look like much (okay, yes it does) but I wanted to post a few new pics of the progress on the kitchen remodel. We're in the final staging of pouring our concrete countertops and hopefully those will be installed next week. In the meantime, all the painting has been completed and hardware has been updated:

The accent cabinets are not white - they are Benjamin Moore Barely Teal and match/accent my Kitchen Aid mixer pretty well. That pretty little beaut will be stationed on this side of the kitchen for all to see!  These cabinets do have the same hardware as the gray cabinets, I just haven't taken an updated photo of that yet.

And as you've noticed, the booze has still not left the kitchen. Even though I added a ton of cabinet space, you didn't see that I actually had some storage racks there previously and so all that I had on those I've put in these cabinets. I really didn't gain much storage space, but I did gain covered storage space which I love. The big cabinet is awesome for those silly appliances you hardly use - crockpots, griddle, blender, etc. I still haven't found a permanent home for the booze needs to be easily accessible, visible and in the kitchen. And that is where it has stayed during this time. I'm sure when all things are done it'll be tucked away nicely in a cabinet.

And one more picture - part of the concrete countertop almost ready for filling, sanding and finishing:
I do realize that one section is curing better than the rest. Well, that's because we were so excited to make sure it look much better than the underside that we slide it off the form just a bit to take a peak. Then the next day we flipped it over and noticed that portion was curing faster than the rest. So we're hoping that by next week it's fully cured and we can get these puppies filled, sanded and finished!

Please excuse the horrible quality of all the photos on my blog. I'm still rocking a 3 Megapixel cell phone camera. Don't hate. 

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